Love, Jealousy

October 21, 2010
Oh, you silly little girl. Actually inviting me in, to take control of your life. I've been living here for awhile, and your just now realizing. Realizing that I am your mind full of nightmares. The reason why your thoughts are tangled, and consumed with that one person. I am your heart with an absence of love. The reason for your constant want and desireto feeled needed.
I am one figment of deception. I am simply an invitation, if you will. I introduce myself and thats it. You decide what is next, you feed off of me. We grow off of each other. Then you become the victim. And we take a journey away from sanity. My favorite vacation.
Don't you understand little girl? My purpose is to claw at you from your deep consciousness....Oh, oh, i see, you never thought you would shed any tears? You thought you would never have a fear did you? Your standing still and everyone else is moving. So tell me you silly little girl, what are you proving?


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