Chip's amazing adventure

November 12, 2010
By mooquackbahh BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
mooquackbahh BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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It was Saturday morning and Chip was bored. He thought a good way to pass time was to watch grass grow. After a few minutes he got bored and decided to dig a hole in his back yard. He ran to his shed to get his favorite shovel. As he was digging he noticed the dirt was already loose. In no time the hole was multiple feet deep. After a few hours he hit something hard he threw back his shovel and started digging around with his hands. After a little while he found a glass box with a Rolex watch inside. He called his friend Patel to help see if it works. After a little while of playing with it they made the assumption that it didn’t work because who knows how long its been down there.
“Its getting late lets go home.”
Late that night Chip woke up to a colorful flash of light. He runs to his window to see what happened, there was two people outside talking and looking in the hole.

“Hey Chip! Come out here it’s me Patel!
Chip and Patel ran and hid in the bushes for a little and over heard the two people talking, the moved up closer to get a better view and they noticed that the people looked exactly like themselves. The two people spotted Chip and Patel

“Hello!” said the two men.
“We are from the future!”
They said excitedly, we came here to talk to you about that watch you found, It’s a time machine. And it’s needed to save the world. Since you guys dug it up you have to save us all.

“What!? Who are you?” yelled present time Chip and Patel. “how?”

“We are you, but from the future now let me finish.”
“All you have to do is go back in time and stop yourselves from digging up the watch.”

“Oh, that seems easy enough”

“Be careful though it breaks down a lot, all you have to do is type in the date, time and place and it will bring you there.”

“Ok we’ll try.”

“Good luck guys.”

Chip and Patel pick up the watch and looked at it for a few minutes. Chip took the watch and begins to type in the date 5/4/1-Achoo!!-

“Bless you.” said “Patel


-They high five-
The watch starts blinking and shaking thunder starts booming lightning is crackling, there’s a huge explosion and, everything turns black, their flying through time and space. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They screamed They open their eyes and their somewhere that looks like a desert.

“Whoa! Where are we?”

“I don’t know It looks like a desert.” Chip replied

“Hey look a newspaper.”
-It reads “Billy the kid strikes again, 1789”

“There’s no way that can be right I put in 5/4/10.

“Maybe… When you sneezed u put in the wrong date..”

“Oh no…now what do we do?”

“I say we try to get back.”

“Really Patel? I haven’t though of that, aren’t you smart!”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have asked if your going to be mean… gosh..”

“Let’s walk around first this place looks cool”

“Lalalalala I’m not listening.” Yelled Patel
After a little while of walking they remembered they have to save the world.

“Dude! We have to get going!”


“Man… there’s horse crap every where..”

“That’s because there’s horses.” Said Patel

“You little…”

“I think It’s about time we try to get back.”
Chip starts to type in the date again, 5/4/03 Enter.

“Did you get it this time?”

“I think so”
Thunder starts booming again, lightning cracking another big explosion, leaving the cowboy people amazed. Chip and Patel are in space again flying past everything, and they land in the back yard of Chip’s house.

“Excellent!” they both yelled

“Lets go stop me from digging up this watch!” yelled Chip.
They see chip watching the grass and start to go dig the hole.

“Chip!! Stop! We’re from the future, what ever you do don’t dig that hole, the world will end.”

“Ya right prove you’re from the future.”

“I look exactly like you.”

“True… why can’t I dig a hole? There’s nothing else to do.”

“If you do the world will end the next day because the universe will explode!”
“Oh okay I’m going to play xbox.”
“Have fun!”
“Good job chip, where did you get that universe thing from?”

“A movie, I thought it would sound more convincing.”

“Ok cool.”

-High five-

“Lets go home”

Chip puts in the code perfectly but not the coordinates and they ended up 30 miles away from their house and they have to get home before their parents notice they were gone.

“Hey before we go lets break the watch so this doesn’t happen again.”

“Good idea”
So Chip throws the watch at a rock and the rock disappears and the watch breaks into pieces.

“Ow!” said Patel
Chip looks over and Patel’s holding his head and a big rock.

“Hahahah! A rock!”

“Shut up, lets go home”
Chip and Patel start running home it takes them hours to get home but they made it just in time for Their parents to get home.

That night future Chip and Patel come back

“What do you guys want this time”

“We just wanted to thank you for saving the world.”

“Oh, well your welcome. I have to go its getting late.”


The author's comments:
i felt i needed to write a silly story for school.

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