November 12, 2010
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1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6 billion people and everybody lives their own life.

January. I am taking a normal flight from Irkutsk to Moscow. Passengers cling on the ladder. The friendly flight attendants words are spoken to the people. Over the runway the snow whirls endlessly. In the cabin, it is so cozy and warm. The people are comfortable seated in their chairs. Somebody hurries to sit next to the window. Kids are playing and joking around. On the radio, quiet songs sound through the cabin and everything is on the right place.

I am just taking a normal flight, and reading a magazine.

Here comes the crew - Beautiful and strong men. The aircraft teams wait habitually. And no worries are happening for no reason. It is time to take off already, as always. After a few hours- meet the capital! And who of the passengers knew then that not in Moscow we must land? And who imagined that anyone has thought about saying the last goodbye to their relatives? And that, by passing the threshold of home, they would never return home?

People are hurried to visit the beautiful Moscow. Inside the cabin, amid the comfort and convenience, nobody knew that death awaited them all. Time did not go by years, but by minutes.

Within a couple seconds, the airplane took off just like a bird. Under the wings, a familiar city that keeps everyone as a last view and in front of my eyes- the sky.

But the flight was short and ended soon. Who could save people from terrible moments? Inside the bird, something suddenly snapped, and life is screaming to death: “Wait!”- “I have no time,”- grimly said death. My clothes suck tons of sweat, and we are all waiting what will happen next.

Fire. The plane crashed and a black smoke trail leaves the plane. The engine aircraft was not a bird, because with all the weight it fell down to earth that took just a few minutes.

Blow- and the airplane is gone. A flame was continuing blazing for a long time and the snow instantly melted from the plane. And death gathered the victims on the field. Aircraft wreckage was laying on the ground. None of the crew was there, no passengers. It killed everything. No one survived- except me. I rolled myself up like a volleyball and I am sitting there with my shaking body on my chair that was not damaged but all the other chairs were. The firemen came, pulled me up and took me to the emergency. While I was carried around- shocked, I see vanished lives. Just a few minutes of flight, and instead of a long trip – a short path.

What was there in the burning plane? - We do not know. But now – that is not the point. The young men and women, and children who were these people? Everybody experienced the terror of imminent death. Perhaps, someone cried out loud. Perhaps someone screamed. A mother firmly pressed her child to her chest. And someone else's hands gripped the chair. Perhaps someone prayed to God, and threw a last glance to the heavens. But I was just hoping to rewind everything and live in the past.

They only lived so short. Now it does not matter whose fault it was. They will not return. From there – they won't come. Alive were seen tears and hearts that are filled with pain.

Where do our loved ones go? And death - the end or not the end?

Let everybody remember: Life is short. It continues, but shortens. Accident, sickness, catastrophes- And again, a hard goodbye. Everybody lives their own life and only one life that should be valuable. Think about your life and improve your mistakes and relationship to others. You never know when life ends.
“Live everyday as it would be your last day”, - was my last sentence.

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