November 12, 2010
By AGV97 BRONZE, Shapleigh, Maine
AGV97 BRONZE, Shapleigh, Maine
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A life on the edge is a life lived right.

One bright and shining afternoon, a small family packs up their belongings for their camping trip into the wilderness. They packed up everything they needed and then they all piled into the small rusted family car and they hit the road. A few hours later the family reaches their destination to a faraway forest.

The youngest son, Garret, and his father put up the brand new tent they bought. While the Garret and his father are putting up the tents the older brother, Spencer, and Megan, the oldest and only daughter of the family, unpacked the car while their mother organizes all of their supplies. The oldest son wonders off into the bushes with a duffle bag without being seen.

After the rest of the family finishes unpacking they heard a loud growl from the bushes. The dad takes his old handmade 20 pound ax and goes over to the bushes to investigate the sound.

The father pokes his head through the bushes and a giant bear swipes his paw six inches away from the fathers face. The father jumps back from the bushes and runs back to his family. All of them jumped into their car. All of a sudden the growling stops and then there is laughter. The bear walks out of the bushes on its hind legs. He puts his paws on his own head, and pulls his head off.

It was Spencer dressed up in a bear costume with a tape recorder that had a tape in it called, “The Bear Call.” Everyone started to laugh with him. He just kept laughing while his family laughed along with him. Later that night Megan was still talking about what Spencer did. After a few hours of being around the campfire they all went in to their tent to go to sleep.

Around the middle of the night it started to rain hard. The pitter patter of the rain didn't bother them at all. The family didn’t realize it was raining until some freezing cold water got into the tent and got them all wet. They all jump up and started to pick up all of their belongings. The father and Spencer took down the tent as fast as they could. The youngest son runs behind a tree eight yards away to go to the bathroom. While he is behind the tree the family packs everything in the car and gets in it and starts to drive away. A few minutes later when the little boy came back he realized he was all by himself. His family was gone! They had left without him.

He called out to see if they were nearby. Nobody or nothing made a sound except for the rain down pouring. He started to cry. He looked at the ground and saw some tire tracks in the mud. He ran along the tracks until they came to a sudden stop. Garret didn’t know what to do. He just waited under a tree out of the rain. Garret fell asleep while he was waiting for the rain to give out. Finally once the rain stopped a rustle came from a bush several yards away. Garret wakes up and listens to hear the sound again. Garret calls out Spencer’s name. There was no response. Garret calls him out again, theres still no response. He walks over to the noisy bush. Garret walks over and calls his older brothers name again. He pulls the thorny bushes aside. The young boy sees a giant grizzly bear.

He says, “Come on, Spencer. Give it up already. I know its you in the bear costume!”

Garret tries to pull off the bears head off. It wouldn’t come off. The bear started to growl. It stood on his hind legs and let out a booming growl as loud as he could. The bear swiped his giant paws at Garret. Garret jumped back from the bears enormous paws. He suddenly realizes its not Spencer. It was an actual bear!

Garret started to walk back carefully until he burst into a sudden sprint. He kept running until he ran into a clearing. At the end of the clearing was a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff was a large lake with waves thrashing against the side of the cliff. Garret looks done the side of the cliff. This sight was more frightening than the bear he saw. He turns the other way and walks off into the woods. He keeps walking in the same direction. All of a sudden the trees come to an abrupt stop.

Garret looks around and sees a small park rangers office. He runs to the door. He knocks loud and repetitively on the door. To his surprise he sees his family sitting crying in the small cluttered office. His family runs over to him and hugs him. The boy tells his story that he lived that day. After he finished talking they soon left the park rangers office and headed home in the family car.

The End

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