November 2, 2010
By AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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As I lie here waiting to be used, I think of what I will be come, A novel, maybe a flyer for a cute puppy who got too adventurous, or how about a huge contract for a big movie star like Robert Patterson. I like all the above, then I realize all the things I could be come that aren’t so great like, a newspaper, because newspapers gets tossed then some dogs are trained to get the paper, and that means sharp teeth going into the words I would bare. I would not like being a target either, because then people like hunters and officers will need to practice their aim at some point and that would mean get shot at then I would be dead.
As I go on thinking of my thoughts I hear something, will this be it? Will I finally be used now? That’s when I hear Cierra come and take some paper, when you have been here as long as I have, you kind of know who’s footsteps are who’s, like for Jim the whole floor creeks from where he walks, and Cierra, the floor makes no sound. Anyway back to what just happened she took some paper to draw on, but this time I’m first after three months of waiting I’ll be used.
That’s when I hear Jim come over to me. He picks me up, and I’m going to be used! He takes me into a room and I notice that his putting me in something, but what is it? Could it be a typewriter, or has he invented an object where I could talk or better get typed on faster?
Then I hear a load noise, and feels a ton of pain coursing though my body, I don’t think this is a good feeling when you get typed on, and then I realize he’s killing me in the worst way possible. Paper shedder. If paper could bleed I bet someone would think he killed someone, that’s not a paper. Then my life flashed before my eyes: A tree being cut down, a tree going in a factory, being pounded into paper, packaged then shipped off to a store.
I have done nothing with my life all I have done is play the waiting game when I could have met a ms. paper and have little papers running around. There was so much I wanted to do; now I can’t. I wanted to travel around the world, but now I can’t. Why must it end this way? I rather be…

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