You are not you

November 10, 2010
By , Brisbane, Australia
Sophie was a very different child. She was an explorer, a finder, a warrior. This is what she told everyone.
When it was time to become a lady, however, she refused to do it, but alas, she had no choice. She was taught proper etiquette, how to walk, eat, and sit. She was forced to become someone else, like everyone else. She became so use to it she forgot who she was, and assumed she, and everyone else, were always like this.
When it was her time to visit the tree, it was something all those who were coming of age did, and tapped to awaken it. The tree sighed and said, “Child what is your name.”
“Sophie, Dear tree”
“You are not Sophie,” It replied.
“What do you mean?” she questioned. “I am Sophie.”
“You may think you are, but you are hardly Sophie at all.”
“What are you talking about? My name is Sophie, it always has and it always will be,” she was starting to fume.
“Perhaps,” the tree sighed, “perhaps your name is Sophie, but you are still not Sophie. Perhaps she is hidden or got lost along the way.”
Before she could question the tree again it had already slipped back into slumber.
She thought about the tree’s words and went to retrace her steps,
To try and find herself again.

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