Gingerlocks and the Three Bears

November 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a family of three bears. There was a Papa Bear, a Mother Bear, and a Baby Bear. Together they lived in a cottage in the middle of a giant forest. In the upper level of their home they each had a bed. Baby Bear’s bed was tiny, just like him. Mama Bear’s bed was middle sized and Papa’s was the largest. (Even though Mama and Papa Bear seem to get along throughout this story they don’t share a bed. In fact they don’t even share a room.) The same thing went for chairs and bowls. Each family member had their own chair and bowl made according to their size.
One day a girl named Gingerlocks was taking a walk to find reception on her new iPhone 4. Paying no attention to anything but her phone, she wandered into the cottage of the Bear family. Not too long after entering the house she realized she was somewhere she shouldn’t be. Gingerlocks was so frustrated with the lack of phone service and noticing that there was no one home, she plopped down into a chair and reached for the remote.
Right away she decided that the chair was far too big for her. She hopped down and settled herself in the next chair which was slightly smaller. Still, the chair didn’t feel right. There was one chair left to try. It belonged to Baby Bear. The second she lifted her feet of the floor there was a





And she tumbled to the floor. She had broken the chair.
“So much for a relaxing nap!” she exclaimed. Next she decided she would go to the kitchen for a snack. Tripping over a Wii controller on her way out of the living room, Gingerlocks spotted two bowls of Ramen noodles. After tasting a spoonful of each she decided that neither were the right temperature. Then she spotted a tiny bowl next to the stove. It was filled with the same thing as the first two but the temperature was perfect. She gobbled the noodles up. The only problem was that a bowl that small couldn’t hold very much food. At this point she had become very frustrated. No phone service, no comfortable chair, and now not enough Ramen noodles to keep her hunger away for long.
“There’s nothing to do. I might as well explore while I’m here,” she decided, forgetting that she probably shouldn’t have come into a stranger’s house in the first place.
Her new idea of entertainment excited her so she ran over to the stairs and sprinted up them, two steps at a time. At the top of the steps were three rooms. In the first room she saw a huge bed that she leaped onto. It was by far too hard. In the second room there was a bed that she quickly determined to be too soft. Thankfully there was a third room. On the bed lay a Snuggie. Perfect! She thought to herself. Now she could relaxand play one of the games on her iPhone. As soon as she sat down on the bed she began to pull the Snuggie over her.




And the super convenient blanket tore down the middle. She glanced at her phone as she stood up. She had reception! After sending a few texts and making a phone call, Gingerlocks headed back downstairs and out the door.
It was around 6 o’clock when the Bear family got back home. Papa bear spotted Baby Bear’s broken chair right away. Mama Bear dashed upstairs to inspect the upper floor. Sure enough, she found the Snuggie lying in two pieces on the floor.
“They’ve eaten our food!” cried Baby Bear, “now what are we supposed to eat for dinner?!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make you a special meal. It will be home made, just the way you like it,” Mama Bear assured him.
“I’m hungry!” Baby Bear complained a few minutes later.
“Dinner is almost ready,” Mama Bear smiled. She was a wonderful cook and her husband and son looked forward to dinner every day because of it. Not a minute later there was a beep. Mama rushed over to the microwave, pulled out a steaming pizza, and tossed it onto the counter.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for English class because we were assigned to write a satire. It shows how dependant we have become on technology.

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