End of books

November 4, 2010
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It’s in the middle of the afternoon in a small town somewhere in Georgia. Everything was closed; streets were empty and silent. The sound of the wind blowing; through the buildings and a few of the trees. It was the year 2024. Every building in this town was somehow run down. Some were boarded up, some had broken windows, and some had graffiti all over from teenagers trying to get a point across. Yeah, the year 2024 was something else. There were very few schools, kids now taking classes from computers. There was a giant TV at the center, where people would gather for breaking news. This was different. Out of the thousand or so people living there was Keith, a former librarian, who because of all of the technology lost his job. He didn’t have a lot of money these days, refusing to take any job the government offered. He lived on the streets, begging for change or cans to return. He always wondered what the world had some to. While sitting near the cold river watching the sun go down and thinking of a new place to sleep, he remembered the books, the ones that inspired him, changed his world. Now there was nothing. Just technology and more crime and violence. Kids running around acting like nothing could stop them, and well nothing could. He thought to himself as more and angrier kids lined the streets, “those were the days of books, days of silences stacked high”

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