November 4, 2010
By brandon_ramos BRONZE, Newyork, New York
brandon_ramos BRONZE, Newyork, New York
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The massive German Shepard cowered in fear like his cousin the chow-chow when he heard his owner Judd put his key in to open the door. Zach yelped out of pure fear when he saw Judd’s face because next to Zach was a 3000 count curtain made of blue silk ripped to shreds and right as Judd went to take off his belt Zach ran out the door and knocked Judd off his feet. Zach ran to the only place they wouldn’t look, the neighbor’s house.

The neighbor’s house was the home to one of the most vicious cats in the area Gary. Gary hated Zach’s guts so once he saw him he raked him across his big brown furry face until a few drops of blood trickled out. Zach growled lowly for Gary to stop. Gary stopped and asked Zach “what do you want?” but even before Zach could say, Gary said no. Zach could not resist he barked as loud as he could. He stopped as fast as he could but it was too late. Judd had already heard him. Zach ran as fast as he could and heard Judd’s voice in the back round

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