train wreck

November 3, 2010
By , Flower Mound, TX
A broken down old town, where all the paint is peeled, the water tower is rusted, and the wood creeks. And if you listen closely you can always here a country song coming from the diner. There’s the kind of small town people can’t wait to get out of, but this is one where you can’t stand the thought of leaving. Everyone here has known you since you were a baby. I walked threw the trees behind my house and walked out into the sun and the old storage garage.

“Hey, guys Lake is here,” Nicole called to the two boy’s leaning against the opposite side of the graffiti garage. Nicole and I walked around the other side. Blake reached his hands up for me to take, I looked at him for a second, considering making him get up by himself, but then he smiled, I rolled my eyes and helped him up. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and kissed me. I took the cigarette out of his and dropped it.

“It’s bad for you.” I whispered, feeling my lips brush his as I talked.

“Mhmm,” Was all he had to say about it…as usual.

“So I wanna go over the bridge to the little pond where I saw the baby ‘gator to see if I can get some picture of it,” I said fidgeting with the camera around my neck.

“Do we all have to go?” Robert smiled, and kissed Nicole on the neck.

“Yes, we do.” Nicole said pushing his face back and walking over to me. Nicole and I held hands as we walked along the railroad track and past the town, and Blake and Robert walked behind us making joking and making boyish remarks.

“You know ya’ll look just like sister from behind?” Blake smiled as he came up behind me and put his arm around my shoulder. Nicole and I are the same height, both have brown hair and tan skin but that’s really all we have in common, look wise. She has a busty and curvy body, and I have a skinny hour glass body. She has dark brown eyes and I have ocean, glossy blue eyes. But we act enough alike that we sort of look alike too, I suppose.

We walked past town and we stopped at the dinner for some root beer. We just got on the bridge when we heard a loud whistle and the ground began to shake a little. Blake squeezed my hand a little harder, or it could have been me, it was hard to tell. Not ten seconds later we looked back and a train was coming around the corner. We backed up to the edge of the wall of the bridge. I didn’t really understand considering these tracks hadn’t been used in fifty years, the train past not two feet away and was practically swaying on the tracks. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice that everyone else had jumped over onto the edge of the water until Blake reached up and pulled me down by my waist.

I turned around to ask Blake but as soon as I did there was the loudest crashing noise it burned my ears, and knocked us all over. Blake pulled me up against his chest and tried to keep me from turning around but I did. And I saw the end of the train, half on one side of the river and half on the other, two of the ‘train boxes’ as I call them were sinking down in the river. I wonder what was in the boxes.

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