Together We Can

November 3, 2010
By , Acworth, GA
As always I was alone, standing out by the water watching the sun go down, as my feet were sinking into the white sand. It was a beautiful red and orange sky, with dark storm clouds rolling in over the ocean. There was a storm coming, I wasn’t sure how long it would take to start raining, so I walked home at steady pace as thunder crackled in the evening sky. I live about fifteen minutes walking distance from the beach, I got about five minutes before it started to pour. Lightning lit up the almost night sky, even though it was only about seven, thunder boomed so loud I nearly jumped out of my skin. I kept on walking home, even though I was soaked down to my socks it was extremely unpleasant to walk. As I arrived home to my home where I lived with my mom and my little sister, I stood out in the rain searching through my bag for my keys. It took me a while to find them. Standing out in the pouring rain, I wished that my mom was already home. She worked two jobs, a full time and a part time job. I wish she wouldn’t have to, but we need ever penny we can get. I help her out as well, by working at the local ice cream shop. Our house isn’t big or anything, it’s a two bedroom, with one bathroom house. I share a room with Megan, my little sister she’s seven and I’m sixteen we don’t really fight though. I finally find my keys and open the door, as I go in there’s a burst of warm air that hits me, it feels nice after being soaked to the bone. I set my stuff done and go and take a shower, I then put my wet stuff in the dryer. At about seven thirty, my mom and Megan come through the door. Megan is in her ballet outfit since it’s Tuesday, her face and especially her eyes her red which is unusual considering she usually twirls around the house showing off her moves. Mom doesn’t look so happy either, she has a worried look on her face.

“ Mom is there something wrong, why is Megan crying?”

“ Eliza sweety, I lost my job today, and being a waitress with two kids will not cover much at all, I had to make some decisions.”

“ So you told Megan she can’t dance anymore, just like that?”

“ Yes, I decided I was not going to sugar coat anything, she needs to know what’s going.”
As my mom says this, she begins to breakdown in tears.

“Mom we will get though this, no matter what we are a family and if we support each other, we can get through it.”
I pause remembering when I had said some similar words to her a few years ago as she was going through a divorce with my dad. Megan and I both hadn’t seen him in over a year, but we can’t change that.

“ Remember the divorce mom, you that you wouldn’t get through that, but we did.”
Mom’s sobs begin to slow and she takes a deep breath to recompose herself. My mom and I are different, in this way I not one to show emotion in public, including family where as my mother does.

“ Eliza, honey you really are a brave girl, and all ready so grown up, it’s kind of unfair to you....Just so you know I will try and find another job, it’s just the economy now a days.”

“ Mom, I know, it’s ok though, as long as we are in this together, we will get through it.”

“ I know Eliza, you are right, but now I’m going to go to bed though, so good night, I love you.”

“ Love you to mom.”
With that she closes her bedroom door to sleep. I can’t sleep now, so I check outside. The storms over now, so I grab some sandals and ride my bike to the beach. The moons out now, above the water, illuminating the waves crashing a shore. I sit there and think about our situation, and decide that in order for people to get through a hard situation the need someone to be there with them, so that everyone can get through it. As I think about it I look up at the sky as a shooting star goes by. I decide to wish for once in my life that everything will be fine

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