The Realms Capture (Revised of The Realms)

November 4, 2010
By AJMendler SILVER, Undisclosed, North Carolina
AJMendler SILVER, Undisclosed, North Carolina
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Chapter 1

Everything was good and fine until they came. The Realms came. They are a group of mythical beings.

They've taken over and controlled us for two years now and I have been a fugitive since they’ve taken my parents captive a year and three months to this day. I have to take care of my baby twin siblings-Their Sydney (Girl, blonde hair, and blue eyes) and Cole (Boy, Blonde hair, and blue eyes and thankfully ten years old!

It's hard having to survive with two other people to care for, Cole knows survival skills and was in boy scouts. While Sydney was in MMA and gymnastics, she knows some things).

BOOM! BOOM! “OPEN UP NOW OR WE’LL HAVE TO FORCE ENTRY!” I hear the Realms banging on my home’s door; we are safely hidden in a bomb shelter beneath the house. In this place we have emergency supplies. I have taken EMT lessons and learned the basics of a broken bone and how to make a semi-good cast, but I never have taken lessons of how to defend myself against mythical beings. I’ve taken MMA and Ninjutsu. But I wasn’t prepared for this. BOOM!

“Jess, Is everything okay?” Sydney asks worried.

“I don’t know but go to the couch and hide. Get Cole to hide too.”

“Okay.” She walks off to find Cole in the shelter. I sigh, Poor them. They are scared and I do not know what to do. I mean, I am only seventeen, not yet an adult, in a month I will be. But still. I go to the area with the couch and pop it open so Sydney and Cole will find it. It connects to another shelter, which will connect to the outside world if needed and gives fresh air by the air filter we have, but only people in our family can open it (hand print/DNA reader).

I hear footsteps come closer to me. I jump and squeal to only find that it was the twins.

“What the-?! Y’all scared me.”

“Super-duper sorry! But you wanted us to go to the other shelter?” Cole asks.

“Yes, the Realms are getting closer and closer into breaking the door of the house above us. Sydney and you will go down there and I’ll stay up here so just in case they break in and I’ll be taken and you two will be safe. There’s a surveillance camera in here, down in the other room there is a TV screen that will show you what is going on up here. I have a mini TV to carry with me.

“I can’t keep you two safe unless your somewhere no one knows except mom and dad, also be quiet. I’ll come with y’all down and then pray to god for help,” I explain.

“Are you sure about this?” Sydney asks.

“Yes I am. Now come on you two. We have to hurry.”

We rush down into the couch, me closing the top sealing it, me taking the mini TV to survey the upper shelter room. I show them where everything is at and they understand. Once I was done, I checked upstairs and saw it was secure. But Sydney and Cole didn’t want me to go.

“You can’t risk your life for ours. I won’t let you do it!” Sydney says making me almost cry because I knew that I was doing something stupid.

“I have to. They will not know about this place. It is secure so the only way in and out is by our family’s DNA signature.”

“I won’t let you go. You can’t” Cole says all big boy way.

“I am and stop it. You, two, haven’t been annoying since this has started. Now if I get taken DO NOT COME GET ME. Y’all are the only ones left of our family if I get taken, don’t do anything stupid. Now do not start arguing now!” I start crying because in my heart I knew I didn’t want to go.

I head up to the room, checking with the mini TV and secure again. As soon as I see it is safe, I go upstairs and close the hatch. Little did I know, about twenty minutes later, the vampire army of the Realms surrounds me. I saw the camera and mouthed, “Do not come up here. I will be fine.”

One vampire said, “You are under arrest for human properties. You have the right to remain silent. Or anything you say or do will go against you and if you do such thing you could be killed.”

I flinched, but did as they said. They bonded my hands together with something that was glowing, soon it stuck something sharp in my wrists and I screamed of the pain.

It felt as if a needle was sticking in my wrists and touching the bones.

“What…” I breathe deeply, “Is hurting my wrists?” I take another deep breath.

“It is our special cuffs. It glows and then it will insert an invisible rod that inserts into the human’s bone. It doesn’t damage the bone; it just gives pain to the human wearing it so they will not try to slip the cuffs off. They are called Invisi-Cuffs only made for humans,” One vampire says.

“What are you going to do with me?” We start walking back upstairs through the house to a big vehicle.

“That is for Cornelius to decide. There is going to be interrogating session once we get there and after that we’ll take you to Cornelius and he deal with your from there on out.”

I groan and flinch of the unbearable pain, “Okay.” I stay quiet the rest of the way to the place.

About twenty minutes pass and I see the building start coming into view. I silently say wow, and soon we are at this palace place.

They get out of the vehicle and I follow soon to meet my final hours.

The author's comments:
I have written this piece of work to show an alternative version of what life is like today.

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