Love is a Dangerous Thing

October 31, 2010
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Tammy never meant to do it. She had never expected it to escalate so far. Probably, she just hadn't known what was happening at first. She always sat in the backs of classrooms at every possible chance, hiding behind a sheet of blonde hair. Speaking was rare, although she always knew what was going on in class. She would just sit in her seat and look around the room, her keen blue eyes taking it all in. Her arms remained crossed and her long legs stayed tucked under her chair as she waited impatiently for school to end.

When he first spoke to her, Tammy was happy. Here, she thought, was a nice guy whom she could enjoy being friends with. Then she began to notice the odd little things that he would do. He constantly draped his arm around her shoulders, and held on for a moment too long after a hug. He was started trying to talk to her every minute of every day, and continuously pushed her to be around him more often. Tammy noticed it all, and wondered what it meant for her. Surely, she though, it didn't meant that they couldn't be friends, did it?

Of course it did. But Tammy didn't see that. She kept trying to explain herself to him' she wasn't interested and wanted him to leave her alone. But he didn't get the message. It took too long for Tammy to realize this, however, and now she had to deal with the consequences.

"I d-didn't mean t-to kill him, officer! I j-just wanted him t-to leave m-me alone."

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