Dream Demon Warning

October 30, 2010
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Wes Craven. I don’t know how he did it. He actually found out that demons could terrorize us in our dreams. I don’t know if it was by a work of imagination or by his own experience, but he found them. Freddy Krueger was his dream demon. He made the character back in the eighties. It made teenagers all over the world have nightmares for weeks, months, and even years. In a way….I wish Freddy Krueger was really a dream demon.

Some of you are reading this and saying, “what?”, or, “why?”. I’ll tell you why. Dream demons are REAL! They are haunting me. They take your powerful subconscious and use it to access your soul. Only when they access your soul they put in your dreams…your nightmares.

Nightmares are classified as dreams that our subconscious has no control over. They make your body shake, makes you sweat, and sometimes make you wake up screaming. This all happened to me. Except when I woke up from my nightmares I couldn’t calm myself down by saying that it was just a dream because when I wake up I have the wounds from them.

These demons, they are real. Each of us goes through them. You just gotta make sure you don’t let them make you lose control.

So for everyone who is out there and is reading this. This….this is your warning.

The author's comments:
This thought just resently came to me so I decided to quickly type something up. I hope you enjoy.

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