The Mishievous Kitty

October 28, 2010
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In a small small town, there was a teeny tiny old house where a sweet old couple lived. They always had a twinkle in their eyes and a plateful of cookies to offer to the neighborhood children. Sadly, this old couple had always wanted some children of their own, but had none. So they instead considered their cats their children, and treated them as so.

There were eight cats in all, three of them being teeny tiny kittens. There was Duke, the brother, who was a fuzzy, energetic, warm ball of tan and white. Nala, one of the sisters, was a little on the shy side, and was a fluffy, satiny-smooth ball of pure tan. Then, there was the smallest kitten whose name was Daisy, who was a black, white, and tan spotted fuzz ball. She was an adventurer at heart and liked to think she wasn’t afraid of anything. All of the kittens loved to spend their days leaping through the grass in the backyard, chasing the different bugs that dared cross their path.

The sweet old couple let the kittens do almost anything they wanted, they were allowed all the kitty treats they could eat and the whole yard to play around in. That is all of the yard but the areas around the old couple’s car. All cats were forbidden to play there, and if they did they would get in a lot of trouble.

One day Esmeralda, the big black and furry mommy cat, decided to take a walk along the driveway. She was very careful to stay far away from the car, but happened to glance over there and saw all for kittens playing underneath the car! Esmeralda forgot the rules for the minute to go save her babies. She was beyond furious when she finally got to them, and meowed and hissed at the poor little kittens to her fullest. Ashamed, they hung their heads and tucked in their tails as they scampered away into the safety of the bushes.

On each of the little kitten’s face you could see the sorrow of disappointing their mommy, but one. Daisy, the adventurer, was a little ashamed of course, but she had had so much fun playing hide and go seek around the tires. She had loved digging her claws into the rubber of the tires and climbing to the top where none of the other kittens could reach her. She secretly planned to go back and play as soon as Mommy was out of sight. She really couldn’t see why they’re not let over there.

When Mommy was finally out of sight, she poked her head out of the bushes and looked first left then right. She scanned the yard looking for the older cats and the sweet old couple. There was nobody around except for her brother and sister in the bushes with her. She took her chance and darted out of the bushes across the drive way and under the car.

Aha! She had got there unnoticed, for Duke and Nala were wrestling to their hearts’ content in the bushes. She then started her after noon of fun with the car. She leaped around under the car, scampering here and there, climbing the tires to the tippy top where she then would leap off. Then, one time when she climbed to the top of the tire she decided to explore further and started to climb on different bars above her.

Daisy was having so much fun that she didn’t even notice anyone near the car. Suddenly, there was a huge slam and a great roaring above her as the car started to move! She was terrified into stillness. What was she to do?!

She looked all around her, her little legs shaking and her heart thudding. The ground beneath her was slowly moving away. She tried to hold on to the bars for dear life, but her paws slipped and she fell hard to the ground.

She laid there, thinking she was dead, cowering in fear her paws on her eyes. When she suddenly was picked up and was looking into the stern eyes of one of the old couple.

The old couple decided that she had learned her lesson by about being carried off, and Daisy only lost her treats for a week.

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