Why are friends important to you?

October 28, 2010
By angel clark BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
angel clark BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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I believe in my friends I have with me today. Friends are important because they can make you feel good most of the time by not putting you down just because there friends might. Real friends are always there for you. When you have friends you have just about everything you could possibly want in your life. With out friends we would have nothing and be lost and we wouldn’t know what to do. If we didn’t have the friends there now I don’t think we would have a reason to come to school everyday. I love having my friends in my life. My friends are just amazing When I wake up every day I would think about were I would be if there wasn’t any friends around, would probably be miserable. I look forward to talk to them and seeing them. Most of them I don’t see much because they live out of state or they go to Ellsworth and I never go to Ellsworth. I still talk to them over facebook every day. Friends give me a reason to be happy every day. My friends have always been here for me for everything. I’m always there for them when they need me. I would never want to lose any of my friends because then I would be totally lost and have no one to talk too. We wouldn’t want to be at school if there wasn’t any friend. School is already boring as is. So having friends make school better. Friends should be important to you because they could make life easier. When I had my best friend here life seemed easier for me. I always had someone there to talk with. We should never treat friends bad or make fun of them just because they might be different from us. We should treat them as we would want to be treated. If you think friends mean a lot to you then don’t be treating them badly.

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