October 27, 2010
By , Las Vegas, NV
One of my favorite day of the week is friday. It would have to be fridays because on friday we go to school, but we can be go to sleep later. We can go to sleep later than usual because it's saturday the next day. I also like fridays because if you ger homework on that day you can relax on friday and do the homework either saturday or sunday. Fridays is just the one of every thing that i like. I also love it because i can go to my friends house and sometimes even sleep over. I usually get to go to my friends house because i don't hace as much homework as during the rest of the school week. I picked this day also because from monday through thursday we have to sleep early for school. On sumdays too because there's school the next day. I just don't like saturdays. I really don't know why. So that leaces me with friday, which would definitely have to be my favorite day of the whole week. These were just some of the reasons why I like fridays a lot. I like it more than any other week day!

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