The Vampires Quest

October 27, 2010
By Zander4321 BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
Zander4321 BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
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Jen Simpson
The Vampires Quest
Scene #1
Narrator: There was a time when a girl that was about seventeen who's name was Lola lived.

Her castle was like no other. It looked half mid evil and half a gorgeous castle with both dark and light ivy growing up the walls. Everyday she would go into the garden and read. One-day it was raining out side so she decided to sleep through the day.

Narrator: In her dream she was walking toward the Sun and it was reaching toward her when darkness suddenly came over. She couldn’t see a thing but she could hear a voice calling.

Voice: “Lola,.... Lola,.... Lola”

Lola: “Keep calling until I find you!”

Narrator: But she replied too late and the voice was gone. That's when she woke up screaming
because she was alone in the dark. Later that same day she spotted a shadow which was triangle shaped. She asked.

Lola: “Is any one there?”

Narrator: But no one answers. Then completely out of nowhere someone grabs her and puts her into a box.

Lola: “Hey, let me out!”, “I'm the princess and I order you to now!” (She said angrily)

Voice: “Quiet!” (Softly while running)

Lola: “If you are going to kidnap me then I should pay you to let me go!”

Voice: “You Will...”

Scene #2

Narrator: The kidnapper took her from her home and brought her to the jail for the famous in the town of Bad Place Beatles. There she was bitten by her ex-boyfriend who was a vampire from 6th grade on a lab table. Then the transformation began. She thought she was dying from being burned to death.

Lola: “Help!” She screamed

Narrator: The transformation was over in 10 minutes.

Voice: “Its over”

Lola: (Looks toward the voice) “Jojo?!” (Surprised)

Jojo: “Yup”

Lola: “What did you do to me?” (Confused)”did you kidnap me?”

Jojo: “Uh, yup and changed you into a vampire that's all...”

Lola: “Oh...” “WHAT!?!?!?”

Scene #3

Narrator: They were now walking through the the park in silence when it started raining

Lola: “How long?”

Jojo: “What?” (confused)

Lola: “How long have you been a vampire?”

Jojo: “Does it matter?”

Lola: “Yes”

Jojo: “A while”

Lola: “That's not an answer”

Jojo: (Doesn't answer)

Jojo: “Want to take over the world?”

Lola: “Not funny”

Jojo: “Not joking!”

Lola: “No!”

Jojo: “Too bad” (puts her on his back and starts to bring her back to her cell)

Lola: (kicks him in the gut so he falls to the ground and runs) “No!!”

Jojo: “Come back here you runt!!!!!”

Scene #4

Scene Description: A dark forest where there is a dim light to help guide Lola. she is alone,with her thoughts thinking.

“Why would he want to take over the world?”
“Well then again why wouldn't he.”
“He was not the nice and sweet kid I once knew.
“He didn’t seem to mind when I broke up with him.”
“Now he’s dangerous and strong.”
“I must stop him.”

Scene 5

Narrator: She traveled very far from the forest into the city called Wonderland. There she saw a girl and since she was hungry she lunged for her throat.

Girl: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Lola: ”Sh Sh Sh Sh, it’s okay, I'm just a little hungry.”

Girl: “Huh?” (Whispers weakly)

Lola: “I'm a vampire, I'm only going to take a little bit.” “Then you will be changed.”

Girl: “Uh”

Lola: “Your going to be fine.”

Girl: “Yeah right” (barley a whisper)

Lola: “Almost done.” “By the way, what is your name?”

Girl: Kala

Lola: Kala

Kala: (weak groan)

Lola: “All done”

Kala: “Wheres the pain?” (confused)

Lola: “All gone, now you get to help me.”

Kala:with what?

Lola: “With trying to stop Jo-Jo”

Kala: “Who's that?”

Lola: “Another vampire, except evil.” “He’s trying to take over the world.” “and you have to help me create a army of vampires to stop him”

Kala: “Well fine then but not in wonderland these creatures are scared enough with out you being here”

Lola: “Why”

Kala: “The Red Queen” “she has been chopping peoples heads off before Alice stopped her by killing her jaberwalky they're still worrying their going to go up against something they cant stop”

Lola: “Okay, no wonderland”

Kala: “Thanks”

Scene 6

Lola: “We're going to make some new vampires and since I am a shield from all attacks I will be the help you all fight” “Kala is my second in command you will go you will go to her any questions and concerns.” “You all should head out and make new vampires” “Good day”

Kala: “You heard her go make vampires” (the seven new vampires go and make new vampires)

Lola: “ Now we need to eat and I smell the perfect treat”

Kala: “What is it”

Lola: “ Werewolves and not friendly”

Kala: “Do you think we have a chance to stop them”

Lola: “Of course lets go hunt”

Kala: “Okay”

Scene 7

Lola: “Okay now when fighting other new vampires you should not let them get their hands around you and never turn your back on the enemy and since you all are either ninjas then i don't need to explain about fighting”

Kala: “Okay practice”

(The 32 vampires started practicing at an instant when all of a sudden there was another army strait toward them)

Kala: “Go Go Go kill the other clan go stop them!!”

Lola: “I'm getting Jojo, Kala you get his second in command”

Kala: “Okay!”

Scene description:

The fight started with a loud clash of boulders as two vampires threw the boulders at each other but the rocks hit each other instead. then another pair of vampires started to fight and then more joined in as the fight turned bloody as Jojo was fighting Lola. Kala was having so much fun with fighting the warrior next in line from Jojo’s place.

Lola: “Ha ha sucker you are dead” (she pushes her finger nail into his chest and kills him)

Jojo: “Nooooooo!!!!!!!” (terrified)

Lola: “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!” (excitedly jumping up and down)

Kala: “Woohoo!!!!!!!!!” (excitedly) “We won! I didn't think we could do it at all”

Lola: “Of course we could”


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