Mark Lark Nark

October 27, 2010
By , here, NY
Mark Lark and Nark have to park. The parking garage says there can only be two green coplanar cars. there can only be 25 cars on each floor and the cars cannot be bigger than 25 cubic meters except on third floor where the parking spaces are double size and there is no roof. five blue cars cannot be on each floor. There are three floors to the parking garage and on each floor there are only 4 spaces left. The first and third floors already have two green cars. Mark has a green monster truck that is 50 feet tall. Nark has a blue smart car. Lark has a green mini van. Lark parked on the second floor and Nark parked on the first. Mark cannot park in the garage because there isn’t enough room on the roof for a green cars. mark parked on the street parallel to the sidewalk. Then he noticed that his tier was getting flat and he filled it out so there was the right volume of air. Then they got hungry. If they get eat some food then they won’t be hungry. Then they went to the cafeteria because it is true that food makes you less hungry. There were three choices of beverage and drink. Milk Lemonade and Mountain dew for drinks, Ham and cheese sandwich, salad, and pizza. Mark is lactose intolerant so he cont have milk the sandwich or pizza. Lark doesn't like green stuff. Nark loves ham and doesn't like sour stuff. Mark got the mountain dew and salad. Nark Got the milk and sandwich. Lark got the pizza and lemonade. Then they need a tale where they could not sit next to or across from each other. A six spot rectangular table was big enough.

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