Holding Back The Tears

October 26, 2010
By WritingIsDreaming BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
WritingIsDreaming BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. "
-John Lennon

The heavy shackles of life strained me as my weak footsteps echoed down the vast hallway.The undesired tears streaming down my flustered cheeks.The repeating scene that I had mastered well, happening again. Pure fright controlling my actions . The constant huffs of my hot breath accompaining the squeak of my plain gray era vans.The fabric of my skinny jeans that drowned in sweat clung to my legs .

The oversized shirt felt loose on my body. The tips of my fingers brushed over the brass door knob. I shifted it to the side , sliding through . I crept inside , shutting the door quiestly behind my stiff body. I heard the light tsp of a fluttering gust of calm window.

My feet slid across the white cold tiles . I clutched the lock of the dusty battered window. I clenched at the sparks of regretful meomories that dominated my petrified mind . In a swift motion I unhinged the window , drifts of welcoming wind greeting me to the final seconds of my repeated plan .

The untamed dark brown mane that clained itself as my horrid locks of hair flew at the impact of the wind. The propped window was a size that allowed me to crouch down on .

I struggled to lift my flimsy body into the opening. I tempted myself with menacing words that others had spoken . The rush of adrenaline made me wince in fear. I pressed my hands on to the edge of the window , my body in an uncomfortable stance.

Each intake of pure cool air enganged in a series of deep thoughts . My eyes glanced above at the darkening sky. My hair scattered as a rough breeze smashed into my eotionless face . The brim of my eyes welling in salty tears .

A sudden clutch of my tear absorbing shirt , startled me . I automatically snap my head back , meeting the source that held a clump of my meaningless shirt. His hazel eyes begged me not to proceed in my well thought of plan . Tear stains marked his cheeks. His bottom lip quivering as his tiny fingers grasped the edge of my shirt .

"Shay please , don't ."

His nine year old voice soothed my tension . The lock my knees held on the mistreated window is where his concerned eyes placed themselves . He flashed his bronze eyes to the swung open door.

His low whimpers apart of his plea. I fiercly shook my head . My body lurched forward , which only caused him to wrap his small fragile arms around my waist.

"Please Shay."

The lids of my eyes shieled my watery brown eyes. Misunderstood.Hated. Hurt. Damaged. But only his brightening grin could transform my decision to do this . The enlightening embrace his arms would give me was the only possible thing to plaster a smile upon my flushed face .

Will I dissapoint him with the choice of my actions?Will I possibly devestate the only person that would prop up to my height to speak his heart.Saying that I am a wonderful sister . Will I? But should I? Should I escape escape a pitiful life, that only stabbed me with wincing pain.

What am I running away from.A challenge. A little boy with a adorable smirk is what I would bid a unspoken goodbye to.

I glided off the rusty window , my fingers jolting to relock the repulsive window.My fate that I had in my mind , has now drastically changed. A minature grin curled upon his lips as I pecked his cheek, flinging my exhausted arms around him.

"I won't leave you."
He gently shoved me away , the words were still fresh upon my lips . His glistening pearly white teeth uncovered as he enlarged his snile.

He stuck out his stubby pinkie at the exact moment his words had flown out of his mouth .

" Promise"
I mimiced him, intertwining our pinkies . Will I be able to not destroy this astonishing promise . Yes, I will .

The rythmic taps of raindrops beacme the scenery melody. Both of our tear filled eyes engulfed in joy . Joy for the path to the future . May a single tear clasp a meaning for a stain upon your cheeks.Every moment holding a joyful grin upon your lips.The past becomes old news, nothing to be ashamed of .Dreams are a gateway to the future.Hate is only a reason to thrive in your blossiming life .Hate is only a four latter word. And quess what ? So is

The author's comments:
To tell you the truth, I put my emotions at the moment. I wanted to create a story of what I wish someone would do for me . Save me from the loneliness . But I want people to also know that they aren't alone. Someone does love you , even if you don't know it.

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