My Dream of Failure

October 21, 2010
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My Dream Analysis
My dream begins when I am running but all the sudden I fall. But when I look to see what I tripped on nothing is there. So I get back up, take two steps, and fall again. There is still nothing there to trip on when I look back. This continues at a constant pace. Then I hear a rhythm like a heartbeat. The rhythm starts out slow but as I keep falling the rate of the beat increases. All the sudden I hear a scream. Yet my mouth is closed. I’m not the one screaming. Then my path splits. There is a fork. The left path seems windy and has many rocks. The right path is straight. In the middle of the intersection, I briefly see a majestic tree. I start running and take the left path. I keep falling and getting up. Suddenly I fall harder and scream. Then I wake up. As I wake up I realize I am screaming out loud. I don’t know what’s so scary to scream about. Every night I wake up screaming to the same dream. I think this dream could mean a lot of things. It could be that I am constantly making mistakes because I fall so much. And the fact that I have nothing to trip on, signifies that there is an obstacle I haven’t yet overcome. But the fact that I keep on getting up could be my need to make things right. The heartbeat could mean fear. When you are scared, your heartbeat’s faster. The screaming could also mean fear. When you are scared, you often scream. The fact that I am still advancing means I’m getting somewhere. But a fork usually means I need to make a choice. A tree at a fork is said to be a life changing decision. By taking the gloomy path it probably means I took the wrong choice. When I think about it, all this relates to reality in a way. Lately, I feel as if I have been making the wrong choices for everything. Even my choice of words, is always needs correction. I have been losing friends, messing up my love life, School is becoming overwhelming and making so many mistakes that my self-esteem is a wreck. I’m not going into detail. But now there is a choice I must make and it is a life changing choice that I am determined to make. Maybe the path I chose was the wrong one and it’s another mistake. I’ll have to wait and see where it leads me.

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