The Boy Who Fell In Love With The MOon

October 21, 2010
By ThatBoredKid BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ThatBoredKid BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Once, there was a boy who fell in Love with the Moon. He sung to it, thought he knew it would not hear. He danced for it, though he knew it would not see. He even dreamed about the moon, though he knew it would never know. He felt alone during the day because he longed for the night. One day, he was walking in the forest when a great bear appeared. It said, ìGreetings, stranger! I am called bear. What brings you here?î The boy responded and said, ìHello, great bear. I am going to wait for the Moon.î The bear roared in disgrace and said angrily, ìDo not mention the Moon to me! I lost many cubs during the night!î The boy was confused, and went on his way thinking about why the moon would allow that. The next day, the boy went to see the moon in the woods again. The great bear came and said, ìHello, child. What brings you here?î The boy responded, ìI am here to wait for the moon.î The bear cried out and said, ìYou look for the moon even after the suffering it caused? You are a fool!î The boy went on his way; sorry that he had caused the bear sorrow. The third day, the boy came back to the woods. The bear appeared and said, ìHello, child. What brings you here?î The boy said, ìI am here to wait for the moon.î The bear roared in rage, and said, ìBoy, you do not understand and are defiant! The next time I see you here, I will crush you.î The boy ran home in tears, and wept in his bedroom,. He looked out his window and said, ìMoon! Why must you cause others pain? Do you not see that I love you?î A Star in the sky heard his woes, and flew to the moon. The start said, ìOh, great moon! Look, there is a boy crying for you!î The Moon then understood what had happened, and also began to cry. The Moon said, ìNo one has ever loved me before.î The moonís tears were of joy, and the fell towards the Earth. As the fell, every two tears smashed together and formed the shape of a heart. They fell down over the town there the boy lived. They boy saw them fall, and when they hit the ground, they exploded in a flash of amazing and beautiful color and sparks. He saw the moon crying them, and his tears changed from those of sadness to happiness. He finally discovered that the moon loved him back. The two smiled at each other, and from that day on, he could sing and dance for the Moon and know it could see. His Love for the moon lasted for years, and will go on to last forever.

The author's comments:
This piece was written about a story that involves myself and a good friend... He wrote me a poem so I wrote him a story. lawls.

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