A Little Bit of Hope

October 20, 2010
By Catherine Bradshaw SILVER, Clifton, New Jersey
Catherine Bradshaw SILVER, Clifton, New Jersey
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Hope is defined in different ways by different people. I hope I get my braces off soon. I hope I get out of here. I hope I become someone. It seems that that our world is woven together with hope, but what exactly is hope? According to Webster’s Dictionary, hope is “trust and reliance and the desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.” It is a longing and a dream. The opposite of hope is despair or discouragement. The synonyms of hope are faith, a goal, or a wish.
Hope is clearly seen in many stories and books. In Greek mythology, there is a story called “Pandora’s Box.” In this story, a woman Pandora opens a box that she was warned not to open. All evil things, such as hate and death, escape from the box she opened. After all these evils escaped, only one thing remained in the box. This one thing was hope. Hope comforted Pandora and made all of the evil things a little more bearable. Hope continues to comfort people to this day. In the House on Mango Street, hope is the only thing that gets Esperanza and the other trapped women through the day. Hope represents a struggle to reach your dreams and goals.
To me hope is the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is not fear or sadness. Hope is trust that things will get better. You end up losing a lot of things in life but do not ever part with hope. When people lose all hope, they lose the will to live. Without hope what do you have? Hope is like a friend that will always be there, even when no one else is. It is the sun peaking out of the clouds letting us know things are bound to get brighter. Hope is the desire for something more in this world. Hope comes from the depths of your heart. Hope can be found in surprising places, including in the eyes of others. Hope is a new beginning in a world that at times seems rather dismal.

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