Outcast (Part 1)

October 23, 2010
By Madeline PLATINUM, Lake View Terrace, California
Madeline PLATINUM, Lake View Terrace, California
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I was born on the third night of the third month, under the full moon. My mother named me Moonbeam because the moonbeams coming through the window shone on my face. I was the most beautiful baby in the village. But that was seventeen years ago. Now I am still beautiful, but I am an outcast because of it. Nobody in the village wants me. Not even my own family. I am a Moon-Holder. I have the power to destroy the village, but I will not. There are other Moon Holders that can do that. I have more important things to do, like find the wolves that eat the sheep. Maybe then the villagers will accept me. I don’t care what they think of me. I just want to be loved.

I ran through the pasture, with only the full moon lighting my way. I could see the silhouettes of the wolf pack sneaking up on the sheep pen. This particular pen belonged to the chief of the village. I stopped far enough away that I wouldn’t be seen by the wolves and I was downwind so they couldn’t smell me. I began to whistle. Not a tune, just a plain, long whistle. I went higher until I couldn’t hear it, but the pack could. They began to whine, then howl. Then they ran away. I waited until I couldn’t hear them to go near the pen. All the sheep were still there. Careful not to mess up any of the paw prints, I reached into the pouch on my belt and pulled out a Moonflower seed. I poked my finger into the soft earth and dropped the seed in. I stepped back and let the moonlight shine on it. A vine began to grow and wrap itself around the fencepost. As it grew higher, flowers began to bloom on it. Moonflowers only bloom during the full moon. I hoped that the chief would see and know that all Moon Holders are not evil.

The author's comments:
I was outside one evening and the full moon was really bright. and this story just came to me.

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