Saving Renesmee

October 23, 2010
It was a wet and rainy day in Denali. Tanya was very thirsty she hated that feeling.
"i'll be back soon im going hunting", she shouted over the loud music. "ok", said a voice in the background.Tanya grabbed her coat and headed out into the rain.In the air a fresh aroma of
dear started to spread. Tanya began to follow the sent. About 10 feet infront of her was a dear hiding from the rain under a tree. Tanya jumped full force and attacked it. Seconds after she finished, her phone began to ring."Hello", she said."Hello it's Carlisle... carlisle cullen",he answered."Oh, yes carlisle.How are you doing old firend?",she asked with excitement.
"Not so good im afraid but i need your help",he admited."oh my well what seems to be the problem",she asked confused."It is a very long story please join me and my family at our residence i will explain everything",he promised.Tanya and her sisters all except one were
on a plane the next day.When the finally arrived carlisle explained everything.Tanya amazed
not about the volturi but about Bella.Tanya wanted Edward more than anything but if being
with Bella made him happy, she would stand by his side. Tanya was impressed by Renesmee's
ability. At the same time she hated the smell of the wolves.

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