The tale of the SS.PP.

October 22, 2010
By BrandonBoschenreither BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
BrandonBoschenreither BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
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Boschee the Sailorman’s Story

I’m partying on the Party Pirates’ Playtime Parlor. Carina the Co-captain and I Boschee the Sailorman are dancing to the SpongeBob Square Pants theme song. We see Alexis the first mate was sitting in the corner talking to herself.

“Shut up, Alexis”

“No, you shut up,” she said to herself.
Sea dog Sam sighed, “Shut up, Alexis you’re really annoying.” Then Seadog Sam went back to swabbing the deck.

She said that while we walked passed her, so I stopped and said “Alexis, why do ye talk to yourself, ye landlubber?”
“I don’t talk to myself, “She said.
“That is debatable“I said under my breath, “Well ye need to get that checked out, mate.” Then as soon as we left she started talking to herself again. We decided not to pay any attention to her. Carina and I went back to partying in the Party Pirates’ Playtime Parlor.
Carina hollered, “Captain Cassidy! Join our party.”
Then Nikky the not parrot , which was really a one foot tall fat midget on Captain Cassidy’s shoulder, yelled back, “ join our party,” into Cassidy’s ears.
“I would but I have to make sure we stay on course for the Bermuda triangle,” Cassidy yelled, “When we get there we have to find the treasure.”
The whole mass of shipmates moaned because Cassidy was never at the parties that we would have.
BOOM!!!! The whole boat shook.
“Sydney!” I said very upset.
“Shut up ye ol’ swashbuckler “Sydney the cannon ball master said as she walked up the stairs from the cannon room.
I hate when Sydney fires the cannon. I think she does it just to annoy me.
Then I just started walking around when I overheard the seadog sisters (Seadog Sam and Sydney the cannon ball master) talking about a plan.
So I was going to ask Sam what they were talking about then carina and Alexis got hit by a Seadog Sam's mop and Sydney hit the captain with a pan.
Then Seadog Sam yelled “Boschee the Sailorman ye need to tie up the shipmate. Then when it hit dusk we will throw them in the dinghy.”
“Aye Seadog Sam.” I said because I knew she would kill me if I didn’t listen.
So it came time right before the sum was going to set.
“Now you will walk the plank, “I stated.
“Nnnooooo,” the ship mates yelled. “We don’t want to be thrown into the dinghy.”
“To bad,” I said.
“Captain Cassidy, you shouldn’t deserve this ship, the only reason you got this is because me thought ye had more potential!” Seadog Sam yelled with a furious voice. “I think that’s stupid because ye will never be a better pirate than me! Throw them in the dinghy!”
“Aaahhh!” The shipmates yelled as they fell in the dinghy.
Then The Seadog sister and I fell asleep on the ship deck. We woke up to the smell of the morning air. We set out on a small island. Then as soon as we found the booty.Then we stumbled upon Captain Cassidy, Alexis the first mate and Carina the Co-Captain.
“Where is me booty?” Some one yelled.
“We found it first!” the Seadog sister and I said in unison.
“Well then we will just have to fight for the booty!” Captain Cassidy exclaimed.
The EPIC BATTLE began. We started fighting with our foam sword. Captain Cassidy and Seadog Sam were the best sword fighters on the island.
“TIME OUT, I have to use the bathroom,” Cassidy yelled with a loud voice.
“Me too,” said Alexis. But we weren’t sure if she was talking to herself or the shipmates.
So Captain Cassidy, Carina the Co-Captain, Alexis the first mate and I walked to the bathroom.
We all went to the bathroom. Then we walked back from the bathroom in the woods.
Sydney yelled, “Ahhh, you won!”
Then the Captain Cassidy, Carina the Co-Captain, Alexis the first mate started cheering, ”Ha-Ha, we won.”
Then they grabbed the treasure and sailed away.
Seadog Sam said, “Guess what.”
“What!” I said.
“We switched the chocolate coins with rocks and then they ran off with the rocks with treasure.” Sam exclaimed. So then we walked over were the Seadog sisters hide the treasure and there were ants all over the chocolate.
Then Seadog Sam called Captain Cassidy and said we should be friend again.
So we all had our own island in Hawaii and mine was Maui. The whole crew had coconut farms. We had a party on the Hawaiian Islands.

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