In His Imagination

October 22, 2010
There he was, waiting on the last bell of the day. Billy Jose just wanted to get home. He was tired of what everyone in his 10th grade class was saying about him. All he wanted is to go home to his closet and turn into. . .

Billy is a short stubby guy, who looks even shorter and stubbier because of is loose, baggy, sweat pants and t-shirt. His clothing are all a ugly dark pine wood brown. They are just about the same color as his oily skin. He has oil teak brown hair. Its a short length and when he runs his meaty fingers through it he gets a lot of a cruddy oily substance on his hand. His eyes are mostly just slits on both sides of his squashed up nose. He has pale lips the color of cat puke pink. His teeth are charcoal on Christmas black. They are also crooked and chipped.

He gabbles with a stutter. He also talks wildly with his meaty hands. He takes English classes but he can't speak it very well so he sticks to speaking Spanish. People think he isn't very smart. He has a trouble learning and understanding. He walks or should I say shuffles with a limp. He stumbles and falls a lot. He doesn't have any friends. Most of the kids in his class and school don't even know he exists, but the ones who do avoid him all the time.

As he stumbles and falls home he mumbles about the nasty rainy weather. When he walks into his room he slams the door. He throws his ugly green satchel on his bed. He walks to his closet, and looks at the door. This closet door has mucus yellow chipped paint and puked-up-carrot rusty hinges. As Billy reaches for the tarnished door knob he is thinking of how much fun he is going to have. He grabs the knob turns it slowly and slips in and slams the door!

Everything changes! There is no more Billy. Now, that he is in the closet, there aren't anymore stutters, anymore oily hair, no falling, no yucky yellow teeth, no more short and stubby, and definitely no more slowness. No now there Enrique Sauvez! Mr. Popularity, Mr. Athletic, Mr. Ladies Man Enrique is flawless, smooth talker, a graceful walker, and has a shiny bright smile. Billy closes his eyes, and sees all that he has been waiting for.

Enrique is EVERY girl's dream. His hair is a true walnut brown. His hair is lusciously soft, because in the closet there is no stringy coarse hair. Enrique's hair is a nice medium length, and when he runs his hands through it the girls go wild! His face is flawless. There is not a single blemish. Behind the door of Billy’s closet there aren’t any blemishes or flaws. Enrique’s eyes are a bright boundary waters blue. His eyelashes are dark and long. You could get lost in his big bright eyes.
Enrique plays football for his high school team. He is the star quarter back. Enrique is very friendly, and he hates when his team picks on the “so called nerds.” He is always sticks up for the smarter peaple that aren't jocks. He is very smart and athletic. He's very verstile. He knows facts and statistics that no one cares about, and he can run faster than a tornado in Kansas. He is nowhere near timid. He has the nicest sweetest girlfriend in the world. Enrique Sauvez is loved by everyone in the whole school.
Enrique has such strong muscles. He has six pack abs. He is very lean. He walk is more like a graceful stride. Enrique’s skin is a nice dark caramel tan. He is six foot two. Enrique rules the school with a perfect pearly white straight smile, with soft deep rose lips.
His daily attire consists of a coal black leather jacket. His shirt is a bright sky blue that makes his eyes shine even more. His denim jeans are a dark navy blue. Enrique decides its time to go, and he walks back to the door that only he can open. He has a sad smile on his face. He opens the door and slips in.
Billy is in his closet and unwilling he open his eyes. Wishing he doesn't have to open his cruddy eyes. "Billy, it's time for dinner!!" his mother sang from the kitchen down stairs.
"Alright" Billy mumbled as he walked down the drabby stairs.

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