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October 22, 2010
By J.AustinLeek SILVER, Harvel, Illinois
J.AustinLeek SILVER, Harvel, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
The cruelest lies are often told in silence.
-Robert Louis Stevenon

Interview with Jeffery Leek

2:30 pm

Begin tape… click!
How many days was I in there? I honestly could not tell you, but I can remember almost every waking moment of it. Thank you for taking the time for this interview, not many people are left that know the true story of what really happened, and the ones who are wouldn't really be to happy to tell you, given the fact that besides the ones who have lost there minds, there is only one sane person I know who lived through it, and I know that she doesn't like to talk about it, not one bit. So take note of the fact that I am the only one who will talk to you and remember that what I tell you is all true, believable or not.
Well, I guess since I was in that hellhole for about one week, that’s what they told me anyway, which would make me seventeen. Funny, when I was told I was in there for only one week, I could have sworn I was in there for so much longer. If you want to know what happened, I guess I should start with; it was a sunny, Friday afternoon, last day of school, and my last day as a junior in high school. Like almost everybody else, I goofed off all day long, celebrating the last day we would be in that building until the end of this upcoming summer vacation.
We celebrated too early.
Nothing changed at first; nothing was noticeable until it was too late. I was one of the...well I guess lucky ones, who started noticing that something was out of place. When it started to storm outside, everybody thought it was a tornado at first, only since when does the sky turn a dark shade of red? Any kind of storm for that matter? No one seemed to care, they just whined about how they didn't want there car to get messed up or having to wait at school longer so the storm could die down. I knew something wasn't right; nothing out of pure nature could have made a storm like that.
Running down the hallway, I opened the door to the principles office, wanting to ask him when we were allowed to leave. Only nobody was in the office. I looked all over for anyone in there, but there was nobody. I started to walk back to my classroom, looking through the small windows on every door to every class. In every room there was no teacher, all of the kids where still patiently waiting, not knowing that where no teachers or principal or any kind of authority figure what so ever in the entire building. I even ran down to the janitor’s room, and even he was not there.
Back in my classroom, the kids where starting to get a little frustrated, they had been waiting for this day all year, and now they had to wait longer for some stupid freak storm. I walked over to my old friend Rick, and started to tell him about the missing teachers. God I can still remember what that kid looked like, he was short, and he always wore these expensive outfits from Hot Topic. He had short hair that he had constantly dyed a shade of dark blue, and wore these crappy little black sandals everywhere that he went. He didn't believe me when I told him, but after awhile I started to get through to him.
"Are you serious man, there are no teachers in the school?" He asked me with wide eyes full of a mixture of fear and excitement at the same time. Nodding my head I sit down in a desk next to him, debating if it would be a good idea to tell the rest of the class what I had found out. Time decided for me when a student named Greg Etchings got up and stormed out of the class, saying he was going to go to the office and complain on how long he had been "cooped up" in the classroom. Standing up I told him to sit down, obviously he didn't listen to me the first time, so I walked to the front of the class and I told them about the teachers. None of them believed me at first, but after half of the class got up and searched all over the building like I did, they had no choice to believe me.
In the short time of ten minutes, the entire school was roaming the halls, talking amongst themselves, whining on how they wanted to go home, things like that. Then who should get the idea to think "Hey why the hell am I still here if there are no teachers to stop me?" than Greg Etchings. He grabbed his coat and walked out the door into the fierce storm, a lot of people followed his lead, grabbing they're stuff and running out the door. When about half of the school was in the parking lot, all hell seemed to rain down from the sky. The dense rain seemed to change to a dark black color, and clouds seemed to stop right over all the students. A flash of purple lightning bolted down right in the middle of the large mass of kids, and killed some of them. Things besides rain started to fall from the sky, creatures off all shapes and sizes, and none of them were happy to see us.
The creatures were all two or more animal smashed together and taken way out of proportion of what size they really would be. They started to tear apart at the students, biting, slashing, clawing, killing. People behind me started to scream bloody murder, running to the opposite end of the school. I just stood there, my eyes wide and my jaw open for flies to land in. A creature looked at the school and saw me standing there, he had long crab arms with pinchers the size of tires, and the body of what was unmistakably the body of a tarantula. It let out a screech that alerted the rest of them, and all of there heads turned to the front two doors. All of them turned to look at me. Now I snapped out of my little trance and I started sprinting to the other edge of the school. Once I got there, we all heard the front two doors breaking in. People started to panic now more than ever you see, and if it had not been for little Johnny Young, I think we all would have died at that moment.
He got the idea to hide in the boiler room, it had reinforced, metal doors. Not all of us could fit in that small room, so it was first come first serve. Thank god I was standing right next to Johnny when he opened the doors, because I was the first one in there. Only about twenty people would be able to fit in the room comfortably, thirty if you wanted it jam packed. Only fifteen people got in though, because right then a badger the size of a minivan with four arms and four legs jumped into the hallway, roaring and lashing out at people.
Johnny didn’t make it into the boiler room; he was yanked from the doorway before he could close it. So I jumped at the door, and slammed it shut. There was only one light in the whole boiler room, a little hanging light swaying from side to side sent and eerie light down on all of the kids. Almost all of them were in tears, a few of them were silent, staring straight at the door, hate building up inside. One kid sat in the corner holding his arm, when I got closer to him I saw he had been hurt, his whole arm was coated in blood.
Something was not right about him, every time someone got close to him, his eyes would shoot up at him or she and he would start shaking. I decided just to leave him alone, not wanting to bother him any more than the rest of us were. I walked around the boiler room, checking up on people that I knew, some that I didn’t. After a little while, I just sat down, holding my hands on my forehead, wondering how we were going to get out of there.
The boy in the corner answered that question for me. I saw him stand up his eyes were an unnatural shade of green, so I watched him carefully. He stopped in the middle of the crowd and let out a howl that sounded more demonic than human. Then he started to lash out at people, flinging his arms wide, knocking people down, biting them, trying to kill them. People eventually started backing away from him, so for a while he just stood there, looking at us as if we were his afternoon snack. His eyes rested on this girl with blonde hair in the corner. She was too stunned to move, her eyes were wide and full of fear, small teardrops forming at the sides. I acted as quick as I could, grabbing a toolbox that had been left on the ground, I swung at the monster. It hit him dead on, sending him toppling to the floor, holding his head and moaning. Standing over him I flipped him over with my foot, checking to see if he was going to get up or not. He was not.
Almost like clockwork, people started to scream again, but they were silenced by the low grumbling noise that echoed on the other side of the door. I looked back at the girl; she was staring at the dead kid, her lips trembling at the sight of him. Placing my hand on her shoulder, I ushered her to the other side of the boiler room. She looked up at me, she was very pretty, and her long blonde hair, her glowing green eyes, and she had this certain glow about her, something that set her apart from all the other people in the room. She thanked me for saving her life, and did something that I didn't expect. She kissed me.
Now that would have been a great day if it hadn't been for all of the demons killing people, but that's my luck huh? That moment was cut short by a large banging on the doors, which made the whole room shake. I looked around for another way out, nothing at first, but when I looked up something in my head seemed to click. Grabbing a small stool that was in front of one of the janitors desks, I stood on it and lifted up one of the white panels in the ceiling. I stepped down and helped the girl up onto the stool, warning her to be very careful when you crawl on the ceiling. She did not weigh that much, so the tiles didn't even moves that much once she was up there.
Once I was up there, I grabbed onto some pipes to my left, focusing almost all of my weight on it so I didn't go crashing through. We crawled for almost fifteen minutes, going at the pace of a snail, and quieter than a mouse trying to inch its way around a house cat. Once the screaming of kids and the howling of demons started to become distant, I poked a hole through the ceiling, and looked down. We were right above the cafeteria, it was sealed off just like all of the other rooms, and this cafeteria had all of the blinds shut and no windows in the doors. It was the safest place right now, so I jumped down, checking to see if anything had been creeping around. Noticing nothing, I helped the girl down. She clung to my waist, her arms wrapped around me. We walked to the back of the kitchen and looked for food.
There was plenty of food here for a while, but the expiration dates on the milk were a little to close for me. Once we were full, we sat down in front of the oven. She was silently crying, but she did not let go of me. I asked her what her name was, "My name is Rachel...”
"My name is Jeffrey." She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. After a few minutes, she started to get drowsy and eventually fell asleep. I noticed that I was exhausted, so my eyes started to flutter, and I passed out in seconds.
I woke up alone, wondering why the hell I was in the school kitchen. Then the memories all hit me at once and I rubbed my head, wondering how we were going to get out of there. She was in the cafeteria, peeking through one of the blinds of the windows, her hand over her mouth. I walked over to her and laid my head on her shoulder; she kissed me and told me to look outside. I did, and what I saw confused me tremendously. Everything on school property looked like something out of a horror movie, the grass was gray, and the buildings were cracked. Windows that did not have the blinds shut were smashed open. Nevertheless, what confused me the most that beyond the edges of school property, everything looked normal, green grass normal buildings, hell there were even kids running around on the street.

Something was wrong here, and when I looked down at the small beam of light that had peeked through the blinds, I was even more confused. Wherever the light landed, it turned gray, and the floor seemed to be cracked in some places. I put my hand into the light and my skin turned a nasty shade of gray, and the veins on my arm changed their color to black. Jumping back, I opened the blinds, and a loud roar echoed from the yard. There were so many demons heading for us I cannot even tell you what they all looked like. Well the cafeteria wasn't safe anymore, so I literally picked Rachel up and ran at the door, kicking at it, hoping that it would open. It did open to my surprise and I ran down the hall, looking for another place to hide. None of the doors would open. I did not stop running, making every twist and turn down the hallways that I could. Rachel clung to my chest, shaking from fear. Then I looked behind me, and god I am glad to this day that I did. They were not following us anymore, and on the right side of the hallway there was a door that had been cracked open. Rushing over to the door, I kicked it in, finding that it was the geometry class. Before I could set her down, I was hit in the forehead by something hard, and I blacked out before I even hit the floor.
Now that is how you learn the hard way not to barge into a room that could have people in it, when the whole school is infested with demons. Waking up a few moments later, I place my hand across my face, moaning from the pain that seemed to spread like wildfire across my face every second. My vision came back slowly, and the first thing I saw was a familiar face. Rick was standing over me, holding a large geometry book in his hands, a look of worry on his face. I stood up slowly, not wanting to fall over and pass out. After a few minutes, I was fine, putting aside the fact that my face still felt like hell.
Rachel almost tackled me as I walked into the teacher’s office, holding me so tight that I thought she might suffocate me. She looked so tired, her eyes were red, she must have been crying. I assured her that I was ok, that seemed to cheer her up a little bit. Rick looked like someone that had just been dug up from their grave, his hair was shaggy and dirty, his shirt and pants were ripped and in some places bloody, and he didn’t have any shoes on. I patted him on the back and asked him if he knew what the hell had been going on. All I got for a response was a shrug, not anything that I did not expect. He showed me a crate he found under the teacher’s desk, it was three boxes of school candy that the band would have been selling. Rick said that there was a water fountain across the hall that he had been using, so we wouldn’t run out of water.
That’s how we lived for a couple of days, living in that classroom, eating candy and drinking water across the hall. Rachel still almost never left my side, following me around constantly; I knew she was really scared. I don’t really know when we ran out of food, but I can tell you that Rick got the idea to go look for some. He said he was going to check the hallways and some of the classrooms, and when I told him that all of the doors were locked, he just waved his hand and walked out the door. He did not come back, and I knew he was finished; nobody could stay out almost an entire day and not be dead in this place. I fell asleep that night lying on the floor; Rachel curled up in a ball, her head lying on my chest.
The last day there, I know that it was risky what I did, but it worked and I’m alive, we both are. I woke up the same way I fell asleep, Rachel was still sleeping. Waking her up gently, I stood up, looking around to see if Rick had gotten back. Of course, he didn’t, but when I was looking around, my eyes caught sight of something that saved my life. A window in the far right of the room was open, just a small crack of dim, gray light peeked through.
I showed Rachel what I found and she was almost a exited as I was. I lowered the blinds just enough to see how far it was to the street, almost the whole schoolyard. I cursed and kicked open the window, stepping through into the unnatural gray light. Rachel jumped through and landed wrong on her foot. She screamed and I had to catch her so she didn’t fall onto the hard ground. Slinging her over my shoulder, I ran towards the street, my heart pumping at two hundred miles and hour. I heard them before she even saw them; loud scraping noises coming from the roof of the building behind us, the pounding of the demons feet crunching into the ground after us, my body was shaken so hard that I almost tripped.
I was halfway there by that time, and Rachel was screaming at the hordes of demons on our tales that were gaining on us pretty damn quick. I pushed myself to the limit, breathing harder and faster than I ever had before, running on pure adrenalin. I was only a few feet from the sidewalk, the ditch was steep and I knew I would have to try and jump it. Bending my legs while I was still running, I jumped forward. I would have made it too if it wasn't for that damned demon. It jumped on my back, knocking me just short of the street, on the edge of the ditch. Rachel rolled onto the street, and all color came back into her features. The demon was slow, I elbowed him in the face and sent him sprawling down the ditch, cupping his face with his hands. Rolling over on my side, I looked at the demons, and most of them were similar looking to the kid in the boiler room.
There eyes were glossy, and there skin a dark shade of gray, there teeth had turned a nasty shade of black, and they all looked like they had not eaten anything for a long time. They stared at me, waiting for me to react, savoring the meal to come. Then, one of them screamed, and I had to cup my hands over my ears, it sounded too inhuman to be real. They started towards me, mouths hanging open, sliding down the hill, pushing each other for the first bite out of my flesh. I flipped on my belly and started to climb out of the ditch, yelling at the top of my lungs the whole time. I knew that they were almost upon me, so I started to climb faster, my fingers just inches from the street. A hand grabbed it and pulled me up out of the ditch and rolling onto the street.
My body suddenly filled with warmth, and the color started to return to its normal color. I looked up at Rachel, she was crying, holding my head in her lap. I smiled and kissed her, thanking her for saving my life. I looked back at the school, and it looked normal. The grass was newly cut, and the buildings were there normal brick, red color. I just sat there, staring at the school, my mind baffled, I stood up and started walking towards the ditch again, only this time, when I stepped onto the grass, nothing changed. There were no demons, no giant red storm, no people turning into zombie like monsters, just a normal school.
To this day I still don't know why the school didn't just change back into the way it was, and my god I don't want to know. All I care about now is Rachel, and living life as best as I can.

End tape…

Two small boys are riding bikes next to their school, laughing and playing. They stop about two feet from the mass of people standing in the middle of the street. They all looked awful, clothing ripped and torn, some of it bloodstained. The boys started to back up slowly, but a large man walked out of the mass of people, he wore a black tuxedo and top hat. He smiled at the boys, and raised his white gloved hands. A strong wind started to pick up, and a huge red cloud cast a shadow over the whole town. He looked down again at the boys, and then right up at you reader, staring right at you, laughing maniacally as he talks, even though your not there and says;
“Ha ha ha ha, have fun and let the horror begin."
He snapped his fingers.
And everything goes black, a loud demonic roar echoes in the darkness…

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J.AustinLeek SILVER, Harvel, Illinois
5 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
The cruelest lies are often told in silence.
-Robert Louis Stevenon

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