October 20, 2010
By Kellie Hayden BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
Kellie Hayden BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Winter: The best part of winter is waking up in the morning with a blanket of white powdery snow covering the browning grass. Looking out the window and seeing the snowflakes falling from the white threatening sky. Not one of the snowflakes looking alike. Some snowflakes are big landing on the palm of a hand. Others are the perfect size to fall right on a tongue. The different shapes and sizes of the snowflakes make them all unique and beautiful. But all the different shapes and sizes of the snowflakes come together on the ground and make a smooth covering of snow. Then looking outside the next morning after the snow has stopped and the sky has cleared up is the prettiest. Seeing the bright crisp blue sky and the bright yellow sun reflecting of the snow is beautiful.
Spring: The best part of spring is waking up in the morning to the high pitch chirp of the birds. Walking outside and seeing the sun beaming through the bright blue sky. The wind blowing the trees of balance making their branches sway back and forth. Sitting outside relaxing and playing in the wonderful weather a great part of spring.
Summer: The best part of summer is not having to go to school and being able to sleep in as late as you want. Then going straight to the pool to get out of the bright yellow sun’s heat. Jumping into the clear blue water feeling the refreshing coolness of the water sting your body is the fest feeling. Being able to hang out with your friends any day of the week and staying up late at night. Having lazy movie days where you stay in your bed the whole day watching movies is a day everyone looks forward to.
Fall: The best part of fall is laying all snuggled up in your covers as the crisp wind of fall blows in through the open window. And pulling all of the scarf’s, jackets, boots, gloves, and hats from the back of the closet, getting ready for the cold weather. Then looking outside and seeing all the leaves covering the bright green grass with colors of orange, red, yellow, brown, and green. Raking up all the leaves into piles of bright colors to jump into is a great way to spend your fall afternoon.

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