The Inbetween

October 19, 2010
By IzobelEvangeline BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
IzobelEvangeline BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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One must always encompass the courage of their convictions.

There is a place; it lies between here and there. Over the Earth and under the stars. It’s the only place where they can exist. Them, the Inbetweeners. The souls of those lingering between mortal existence and blissful paradise. Everything you could ever want appears before you in the inbetween. Life, or tweener life, was a grand spectacle. Roaring parades of color, light, and music spilled down gilded streets. Gossamer bits of fabric gliding on light winds rubbed against the cheeks of smiling new Tweeners. Sparkling flecks of light rained down on the tweeners and tickled their noses. Filigree butterflies and gauzy winged birds flitted in and out of paper leafed trees. The faint smell of ones most cherished childhood memory lingered on the wind. All things in the inbetween are beautiful and pleasant, but they’re also unnaturally delicate. Any small imbalance, just barely distracting to the average person, could shatter the porcelain world of any Tweener. The delicate balance calls for constant fluid motion. All Tweeners had to make a choice, go to Paradise or return to Mortality, but no one could remain in the Inbetween forever. No one. For if one were to stay to long they would undoubtedly begin to feel it. The emptiness, the coldness, dread and pain of mourning. All lost souls are mourned, even if only for a short while, they are mourned. And that mourning can catch up to any tweener if they remained too long. Tears and cries of sorrow would crumble the frame of their inbetween world. All that was bright and beautiful would dull, peel and crack. There has only ever been and only ever will be two ways to escape the numbing pain. One can go on into the mind erasing light of Paradise or fall back into their bodies and return to their loved ones in Mortality. All must decide. Paradise is the easiest decision, exist in a realm of perfect happiness, love and trust. Mortality was only for the strong willed, those who could face death and go back just to live to die again. T’was the choice of the inbetween, rise into the light of Paradise or fall through the clouds back into Mortality. Some shall return to finish their destinies in Mortality, they were the ones who believed in fulfillment. Others, though not weak, had wallowed in the tedious trials of life while dwelling in Mortality. These Tweeners would go into the light where everything had meaning and never would they feel pain, hurt, or anger. Just perfect love and perfect trust. Where would you go?

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