Kodi seeks adventure

October 11, 2010
Kodi was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in his bedroom as he always did right when he was done being home schooled. His routine after school went video games, homework, and more video games. He would play video games for multiple hours at a time. He wouldn’t even come out for dinner. Instead he’d store food in his room to snack on while he played Kodi only came out of the house for school and on few special occasions.

The door opened as Kodi’s mom walked in. “Hey, Kodi. I signed you up for public school.” said Linda, Kodi’s mom. Kodi’s eyes bulged, mouth opened but he was caught speechless. Kodi had been home schooled all his life. He had never really had any real friends, besides his online gaming friends. “I know you don’t want this, but I think it’s in your best interest,” said his mother.

“But mother…” Kodi insisted.

“Kodi! I have already signed you up and made the payments for the first year. I also have signed up for college courses at the university so I don’t have the time to home school you anymore.”

“I’m not going!” Kodi insisted. His mother pulled out her whip that .she would always give Kodi lashes with if he attempted to talk back. She calmed her-self this time in hope that Kodi would agree to go.

“Fine mother, but if I don’t like it, will you home school me again?”

“I’ll consider it”

“I hate my life,” murmured Kodi underneath his breath.
“Come to the lashes table,” said his mother. Kodi had been whipped multiple times before for ignorant comments made under his breath.

Kodi saw her, cross-eyed, green-haired, walking down the hallway, and that's when he changed his outlook on public schooling. Kodi fell in love at first site with a girl named Martha. She was your everyday emo/goth girl the kids would see at their school these days. She wore the every day emo/goth girl outfit as well. Black denim pants with chains all down the sides, a black t-shirt, tattoos all down her arms, and around 20 facial piercings. It wasn't long before they were dating. This was Kodi's first girlfriend. Kodi's parents only approved because they thought she would bring him out of the house more, which she did. Martha invited him to their high school's state championship football game. This was the first time Kodi had been to an event with this many people before in most of his life.

“Hey, Kodi.” said Kodi's dad. “Yes.” replied Kodi. “Let's take a drive down to Goth and Emo Clothing (A clothing store for people like Kodi in his town).” Kodi's father said. Kodi was curious as to why his father asked to take him. In the past Kodi's mother always had to go with Kodi to buy his clothes because Kodi's father hated his taste in fashion. In curiosity Kodi agreed. “Make sure to wear shorts and a t-shirt because it's hot outside. I'd also encourage tennis shoes.” Kodi's father said.

When they arrived Kodi looked around in bewilderment. Kodi wanted to yell and scream at his father but he couldn't. His father had actually taken him to a mountain near their town to go on a hiking trip with his family he hadn’t seen in three years. He knew that if he did, his father would shoot him.
During the trip Kodi didn’t complain one time. He actually enjoyed almost every bit of it!
“Dad, I love this,” exclaimed Kodi.
“That’s good,” replied his father.
After the trip, Kodi decided he was going to quit his emo/goth trend and be a regular kid. He realized how much more fun it was to be adventurous and outgoing. He ended up breaking up with his girlfriend because he didn’t think she was right for the new him.

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