October 9, 2010
By johnmarc BRONZE, Mexia, Texas
johnmarc BRONZE, Mexia, Texas
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It’s as if I simply blinked. When I opened my eyes I was blinded by this light. I step out of the building looking around at the hollow emptiness of the city. I am confused, where is everybody? Where am I?

It was a large city. The roads were crumpled and ash was falling down. The earth began to shake and the ash fell even more. As I looked up at the sky I couldn’t help but feel that the place I am in is some horrific snow-globe and that invisible children wouldn’t stop shaking me, no matter how much they were told not too.

The snow-globe shook very often and many times I fell. Once the children seemed to have gone to bed and put me down, I began to look for people. Though I found none, I came across this statue, but all that was left was the legs. I thought nothing of it at the time. I went on screaming, “Is anybody there? Hello?”, but my cries must have never been heard for there was no answer.

I am still unsure how long or far I walked but some how I still ended up at the statue with only the legs. Each day passed by slower than the last. As I finally came to the conclusion that I was alone, I decided to try to keep up with the number of days that I was here in this horrific snow-globe, alone.

So I found this piece of sharp metal and put one scratch on one of the legs of the statue for everyday that I was there. Soon after scratching the metal, drops of rust seemed to drip out like blood from a paper cut and in my heart I felt the same amount of pain and emptiness.

As the days of shakes, falls, ash, and loneliness began to wear down on me, I began to just stare at the statue longer and longer. Looking at the scars on the legs and I would try to count but I never could count them all.

I came to realize that the statue was much like myself. It was the only one left of its kind as well. The scars were much like mine, because even though they may heal and close up, there will always be something left to remind me of the cuts.

I eventually reached the point where I was so obsessed with staring at the statue, that that was all that I did. I could not eat nor sleep any longer.

Now I usually never went to go look in the buildings after they fell, but then one day after a building fell I had this overwhelming feeling to just go look around. As I looked through what was left of the once existing building, I found this small black object. With one, just one, even smaller object inside. Then it was as if I simply blinked.

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on Oct. 21 2010 at 3:38 pm
alanacarlene DIAMOND, Mexia, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Silence screams too honestly and loudly.
-Alex (aka GangstaEyes)
Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four.
-Winston Smith '1984'
Don't go wishin' your life away...
-Daddy S2
"What a drag it was to be limited by reality."

Woo! I still love this! Everytime I read it! The very last line is freakin perfect and then it's as if i simply blinked....


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