The Runaway

October 8, 2010
By gerardandfrank4ever BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
gerardandfrank4ever BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
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“Got any scissors?” Izik joked. I was too busy staring at the bright blue sheet of paper to the left of him.

“Pick that up,” I said. He looked where I was staring, looked back at me, then got the paper and handed it to me. It took a few seconds but my eyes focused and took in the familiar handwriting. I found you -Aeva- I sank to the ground, still staring at the paper clutched in my hands. Please be a joke, please, please be a joke. Izik kneeled next to me and was shaking my shoulder, saying something I wasn’t listening to. In less than a second, my very slim hopes were dashed. A crack came from above us but I still didn’t move. A pair of tan, sandaled feet with rose pink toenails was now standing in front of me. Slowly, I lifted my head and took in the girl now standing in front of me. Long, tan legs in short white shorts, thin torso wearing a light blue shirt, rock necklace, full, pink lips stretched into a smirk, straight nose with a small stud on the left side, high cheekbones, wide, hazel eyes and waist-length blonde hair. My slightly older sister, Aeva Nicole. Izik stared at her in awe. I was aware how attractive she was but it’s still annoying. Guys drooled over her, girls wanted to be her. She was the worst possible person to be an almost copy of, especially when your personalities couldn’t be more different. She was the happiest, peppiest person on earth. I, on the other hand, was dark, morbid. Obviously we’d had our differences. Especially when she was seeking attention and I was dragged along. Despite my stand-offish wardrobe, I prefer to blend into the background. During our battles, our parents often wistfully said “Can’t we all just get along?” but we’d just glare at them and storm off.

I stood, looked at Izik still gawking on the ground, turned and walked away. Footsteps followed me.
“I don’t care which of you it is, just leave me alone,” I spat, not looking back. The footsteps quickened pace. Figuring it was my sister, I stopped short. I was right. She knocked into me, oofed, and fell backwards. Allowing a small smirk, I turned to face her. Her face was twisted as if she might cry. It didn’t change my position. She may have been my sister but that meant nothing to me. I even made the point of telling her that. I didn’t need her, I certainly didn’t want her. Not anymore.

“Never come here again. I don’t want you around. You could have died with Mom and Dad for all I care. Stay away from me,” I said. She started to cry. I left her there. As I stalked off I caught my reflection in a puddle. My eyes flashed gold. Gasping, I stumbled back. Izik caught me before I full on fell. No idea where he came from. He was probably following Nikki as boys usually did. I was in a silent rage on the walk back to my house. Izik was accompanying me. He practically lived at my house now. I was able to keep my rage internal until Izik, trying to break the tension, said, “Your sister is hot.”

I screamed and started running. Izik didn’t follow me this time.

The author's comments:
Just a piece of what I'm working on.

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