Eve's Diary

October 8, 2010
By , Centreville, VA
1st day, fresh air and bright colors
This is the first diary entry of mine, and this 1st day’s been packed with excitement!
The first thing I noticed, of course, was Adam. He’s so tall and handsome, with those dark brown eyes of his, and that tanned skin. We fell in love at first sight, and we’ve spent all day together exploring the Garden of Eden. God showed it to us, and it’s perfect in every way.
You should just see the way the orange and blue flowers burst open every time you walk by them, almost as if they were so happy to see you they couldn’t wait to say hello! Adam picked
a delicious yellow fruit for me this morning, and we shared that for breakfast. It tasted tangy and sweet and juicy all at the same time! We’ve decided to call this fruit “mango”, which sounds very different and very amusing.
Then we passed the afternoon sitting under a swaying green tree with long weepy branches…Adam named it a “weeping willow”. How creative! I wonder what we’ll do now, with the stars gleaming so bright in the sky. Oh look, there goes a shooting star! I am going to find Adam and perhaps we’ll go watch the stars for a while.

2nd day, colors dancing in the sky, little white clouds over in a far corner
I love the mornings! Adam and I woke up early and saw a most glorious sunrise! It rose slowly into the sky and brightened up the world. We just walked through a stream of falling water coming from a mountain, which we called a “water fall”. The water tasted so rich and pure and cool, just as I expected it to be. Swimming is now my favorite thing to do, especially when the little shimmery green fish come out to play. We chase each other in the pool, but they are so fast they always catch me. I think Adam went to play with the twittering birds over the bundle of rushes we slept on last night. I thought up interesting names for each one: Jilly, the big red one with the sharp beak, Water and Willow for the slim blue and yellow ones, Seth for the beautiful dark orange, red and gold bird that reminded me of this morning’s sunset (he’s my favorite!), and lastly little Spindy, a curious light green bird like the moss under our feet by the water fall. He is always following me around, perching on my shoulder and chirping for bits of sweet grass Adam found under the big rock near the mango tree. I think I will go ask Adam to come and pick yellow-and-white flowers with me over in the meadow sweeping down to the big rock, mango tree, and another tree bearing hard brown things. Adam calls them nuts, though I don’t know why.
I will go put some yellow-and-white flowers in my hair when we get to the meadow, and bring some back to put in these pages.

3rd day, breezy and warm, sweetly scented of “bananas”
I am so proud of Adam! He just found some long yellow fruits that has a sunny flavor to it, and hangs off of large trees in bunches. I went over and tried to pick one, but couldn’t reach it. Adam noticed so he climbed the tree and pulled off a few for us. I kissed him on the cheek, and then we ran over to the big rock, where we split the bananas and talked. We talked about the adorable little animals that nuzzle my hand when I pick them up, “mice”, and the giant “elephants” we saw at the pool of water. I was too timid to go over and pet one at the time, but Adam carried me over and put me on one of the smaller elephants…and it started walking! It went over to the tallest and prettiest tree in the garden, the one God calls the “Tree of Life”, and Adam helped me off there. God told us then that even though the shining fruit looked and smelled good, it only gave the person who ate it death, and took away their happiness. I wanted to take one, but His words reminded me they weren’t good to eat, so we left to go eat some onions growing on the ground under the bundle of rushes we sleep on each night. Now we have come back to the birds’ nest and the rushes. I hear Adam calling for me, because we planned to meet at the Tree of Life and to braid my hair with some more sweet grass he collected.

4th day, just as lovely and very sunny
On our daily walk this morning, Adam showed me a “bee” hive God had told him about yesterday. We took some of the honey and scooped the sticky stuff into our mouths with big leaves from some bushes. I know the bees (tiny yellow insects) understood, because they had more than enough anyway.
After that, we played hide-and-seek together around the corn stalks that grow to the left of the sloping meadow. Adam is so fun to be with, especially every time we find a new kind of food or a new place or animal. We have decided to explore the entire garden of Eden, or as much as we can, and sleep in different places every night. Tonight after we have some mashed bananas and “potatoes” that grow in the ground, we will lay out on the soft moss by the water, and tomorrow night we might go sleep in the cozy willow tree! Earlier this evening Adam gave me a gift he had made for me. It was a piece of wood he had whittled with a sharp stone into the shape of a beaver, another funny little animal we met today in the pool of water. Adam is so thoughtful, and I love every day we spend together.
Right now he is reading over my shoulder as I write these words with a feather I found in the birds’ nest, a nice bright green one of Spindy’s, and some berry juice (which is also very tasty!).
Oh no! Ha ha ha! Adam is t i c k l i n g m e!!
There, he stopped. (ha ha) He is very good at tickling. Now I am going to go and play with the “monkeys” Adam wants me to see. He says they’re very adorable creatures, brown and cuddly, and that they chatter with each other in a fast language he can’t understand.

5th day, cool and shady
Today Adam and I spent all day skipping flat smooth stones over the water pool. Adam won, and his prize was a beautiful yellow and black butterfly I found hovering over the pages of this diary. I cupped it in my hand and gave it to him. He let it go, and we watched it flutter away high in the sky. Then we told stories, as it grew darker. Even at night, the heavenly moon and twinkling stars light up the world below, so we are never completely in the dark. Adam is beckoning for me now to slip through the trees as we make our way to the willow tree so we can get some sleep.

6th day, almost salty in the air, crisp and steamy, with a wet mist coming up from the moist earth

After we enjoyed some sweet grass, sun-baked potatoes, and more mangos, Adam and I rolled down the meadow hill, still wet with dew, racing to be first to reach the bottom. After that we explored the cave under the water fall a little more. We found a sleeping bear, much to our surprise. Adam bravely walked past the huge animal, and I petted its smooth fur as we passed.
Farther down we saw bushes laden with red little fruits called strawberries. Their flavor reminded me of the fourth day we spent here. They were very warm, and pleasant to eat as the red juice squirts out of your mouth and drips down your chin. Adam and I sat side by side, watching the water fall in streams right in front of us. He whispered in my ear that he loves me so much, and thanks God for me every day. Adam is the sweetest man I have ever seen…well, that being the only man I’ve ever seen. Goodnight diary. Now that our days are filled with talking, enjoying God’s creation, watching out for our little bird friends, listening to each animal’s unique song, planting seeds in the ground, waiting for them to grow, and greeting the baby animals that are born each day, I will end my diary entries here, for now. Perhaps one of my children will continue this one day, (I am hoping to name my son Seth, after my favorite little bird friend), and will read of this marvelous place we live in. Adam sends his love and good wishes, and now I say farewell. Goodbye my patient diary. Eve

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