Virus Outbreak in Zanonia

October 8, 2010
By m1k3y BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
m1k3y BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It was late summer, right before school. I was in my room reading a book, because my school had assignments over the summer, when I heard the scream. I ran downstairs and saw some creature, gnawing on a bone, blood pooling on the floor. I gasped, and it heard me. It turned around, slowly, I saw its face. It was humanoid, with flesh was rotting off its face, and had eyes full of maggots. It met my eyes, and attacked. I lept to the side and it went past me. While it was recovering I opened up the window, jumped out, and started running. The creature followed, but it fell through the window. I looked back and saw it starting to run after me, with cuts but no blood. It was going to chase after me, and I had an idea.

I was just going full speed when I ducked to the side, and it kept on going. I ran, hid under a bridge so I could jump in the stream in case it would be able to smell me. After an hour went past I went to the bank, got out some of my money (I had tons; my parents were keen on me saving) and went and rented a hotel room. I went to the library and looked around on books and the Internet to see if I could find anything about the creature. I found some stuff about zombies, but I didn't believe it, I mean zombies, seriously? I walked out side and checked my watch. I had spent almost the whole day in the library researching the creature. I started going back to the hotel and I heard a slight moan, in the distance. Then I noticed something. The streets were quiet, not busy like they usually are. I started to run.

Then another creature that was just like the one before came out from behind the bushes. I got a fresh look at it, and I was even more scared this time. I started to sprint. It was slow behind me so I got away quickly. I went up to the hotel but the doors were boarded up. I turned around and saw the, well o.k. I admit it, zombie, shambling after me. I started to run again, but not as fast as last time. I didn't want to use up my energy. I passed an old pawn/gun shop that was not boarded up and I tried the door, and it was open.

I jumped inside and shut the door, then barricaded up the door with useless stuff. I looked around and saw the place was falling apart. I searched through the guns and knives and took a revolver, a rifle, some ammo for both, and a few knives of different sizes. I switched a TV that was mounted in the corner on, and saw the news headline; Virus Outbreak in Zanonia. I know, I lived in a town with a weird name, but that doesn't matter. The press was trying to cover up what I now know- It wasn't a virus outbreak. Almost the whole town had turned into zombies. I didn't think the shop owner would care about the merchandise right now, so I took my weapons and went to hide. I was going to the old military barracks about a mile away from where I was now. I encountered a zombie on the way there, and not wanting to kill it (it was a person a little while ago) so I shot it in its knee with my rifle, hoping to knock it down. It merely stumbled and continued on. I didn't like this, but I took aim and shot it in its head, and it fell.. I moved on, avoiding the body. I finally reached the old barracks and cautiously entered. I scouted around and found no zombies, but I was alone.

I lived alone for months, making trips to the grocery store in town. I think my 17th birthday had passed, but I wasn't sure. I was starting to get ready for bed when I heard it. The sound that I had been dreading. The soft moaning in the distance. I started to pack up as much food in my pack as I could to get out of there, but I was to late. I saw them coming closer closer. There were about 20 zombies who must have heard me practicing with my gun. They were to close to shoot them all in time, but I got 3 of em with my rifle. I holstered my pistol and drew 2 knives. I ran toward them. In hindsight, I really don't know why I didn't run the other way. I jumped into them, knives gleaming. The next few minutes were chaos, and I cant remember much about what happened. All I realized is that soon I was standing against one zombie, my left arm bleeding. Then I heard a sound other than the moaning from the remaining zombie. It sounded like some thing from action movies... what was it? Then, as it got closer, I knew. Helicopter blades. It came and saw me and the zombie. I started to run away, just in case, and it saved me. The helicopter was built for attack, and its mounted Gatling gun started firing. It obliterated the zombie. The helicopter landed. I forget the exact conversation, but I remember that it was the National Guard, looking for survivors, and that since my arm wound was from a zombie I would have to get it amputated. There was only a 10% chance of me not turning into a zombie. I didn't, thankfully. That is my story, and I hope it when the zombies come to you.

The author's comments:
I was having trouble thinking about what to write about, and I asked my friends. One of them suggested zombies, and I tried it and liked the story, so here it is.

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