Other Side of the Wall

October 8, 2010
By Emma Bartlett BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Emma Bartlett BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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The many people of the villages were getting ready for bed. Just like every day before that and the day before that. 8pm is the time to sleep they tell us. They tell us to do everything. When to get up, when to eat, and of course when to sleep. My village is a nice one but I know that the ones next to us aren’t as nice and providing as our own. My house is big enough to fit my family but sometimes feels like it’s too big. My dad is the villages doctor and my mom works for the government. Its woodsy in our back yard and there’s a lake just a little ways down the road.

We learn in school that when we are born they take a bunch of tests to find out what village we will be placed into and what job we will acquire when we turn 17. I think they’re lying to us. I think that they split us up by what we look like, how smart we are and how much money our families have. I went to school when I was little and a girl got really sick and she had to move because her face wasn’t as “good” anymore. Everyone in my village seems perfect. Perfect hair, clothes, everything is just right. A little to right if you ask me. The only thing not perfect are the walls.

The walls are enormous. I’d say 30 feet tall at least. Rose says they are to keep bad people out but I think they are to separate us from the people not in our village. I hear noises from over the wall, but Rose told me to not tell anyone what I heard. I don’t know why though. Rose is my mom. I also have a dad, Job. I have a little brother, Jimmy, and I am 14 years of age.
Anyway, when I was supposed to be in bed at this time but like always, I was wandering around I heard a noise from downstairs in the kitchen. I flew down the stairs right as my dad started screaming at my mom.

“You never do anything right!!” he exclaimed. My mother was pushed up against the counter with a frightened look on her face.

“Stop it!” I yelled. I couldn’t take it anymore. They yell and argue every day. About stupid stuff too! My mom didn’t make supper perfect or my dad put his feet on the table again. Nonsense! I needed out of there. I ran outside even though I knew I could be caught by the officers on night duty. I ran as fast as I could to the wall. Sprinted until I was out of breath. I pounded my fist on the wall willing it and begging it to break so I could just get away from here.
That’s when I noticed the hole in the ground. I thought I had imagined it at first because my tears were clouding my vision and I was so tired, but as I moved closer I noticed it was just big enough and well hidden behind the bushes that no one would notice it.

I wanted to get away so bad that without thinking I slipped into it and crawled on my hands through the packed in dirt. When I came to the other side there was someone standing there. Watching me. I became scared and started back when it spoke. “wait.” It said quietly.

“Who are you?” I could defiantly tell it was a boy because of his rich deep voice.

“Renee” I said. “I’m sorry. I’ll go back. I wont tell anyone about the hole in the wall.”

“It’s ok.” The boy replied. “My name’s Aaron.” He stepped out into the moonlight and I was shocked by his appearance. His clothes were tattered and torn and his nose was to big for his face, eyes crooked. Not like anyone I’ve ever seen. I was right. It wasn’t just tests that placed us where we lived.
I heard a noise behind me, like a snapping of a twig… someone knew I was here. I quickly slipped back through the hole without another word and ran all the way home having a feeling that we would meet again.

A couple of weeks past and we had hung out every day since our first meeting. We were best friends, but also forbidden friends. We would climb trees and go hang out with Aaron’s little brother a lot. I went to go see him as usual and we met in our usual meeting spot, by the hole in the wall. I had made good friends with Aaron’s mom, Rose. When ever we thought someone was watching we would run to his house to hide within the thin cold walls. This day was no different. When we sensed someone coming we ran to his house and talked about getting out and living with the rumored village where no one was judged by what they looked like.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and the officers found us together. They grabbed me and tied me up. Threatened to kill me if he didn’t follow along, but I was to fast. I kicked one of the men to the ground and untangled myself from the harsh ropes that were digging into my hands. We ran to the wall and climbed a tree we had found a couple days ago. We were so close to the top I could almost see freedom. Aaron gave me a boost and I pulled him up next to me. We ran along the top of the wall till we found another tree. This one wasn’t as small as the first because it was a wild tree. I then knew we were out of our villages. I could just tell. We hopped down from the wall and made our way toward the open area that now had to become our new home or our death bed. I didn’t care if Aaron wasn’t perfect. He was the perfect best friend for me.

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