October 8, 2010
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“Hello, Is anybody in here? “

Silence flooded the room; the only sight was a painting about twenty feet down. Max sat waiting patiently for the appointment.

“You may enter “a voice from behind the wall spoke

Max walked until he reached the painting and put in the combination.

“I have the document “Max said

The man who contained the voice that spoke behind the wall look at Max with a glare.

“Do you have the money? “ Max asked

The man’s name was Finn. He kept looking at Max with a glare and spoke silence.

“Well, this is getting a bit awkward so if you don’t want to the document I’ll give it to somebody else more worthy of it” Max said with an attitude

Finn looked at Max with the same glare and as Max was about to speak again, Finn collapsed. Max walked out of the room towards the exit of the building playing no attention to Finn. George who was Finn’s friend decided to pay him a little visit; you can imagine what he saw.

“911, my friend is unconscious. Please help I’m at 294 Lucky Boulevard in Hope, NJ” George spoke into the phone
“I’m sorry your phone line has been disconnected” an operator spoke back into the phone

George picked up Finn and threw him in his car and drove him to a hospital that was luckily only ten blocks away. As George was parking, Finn woke up suddenly and handed George eleven thousand dollars.

“Go find Max G and get that document from him!” Finn said

George dropped Finn off at the emergency entrance and then drove off to find Max. Max lived in a huge mansion that had to be worth over fifty millions dollars. Nobody could miss it since it took up two New York City such like blocks.
Meanwhile, at the hospital Finn decided to go eat before his examination. He went to a deli and all they had were fortune cookies; how ironic. Finn obviously purchased a fortune cookie and opened it eagerly to see the fortune. It read ‘If the cookie is in three pieces then the answer is no’. Finn at that point was about to start crying, since his cookies was in three pieces. He threw away the fortune and the actual cookie and immediately signed himself in for examination.

Meanwhile, George went to Max’s mansion and hey had a very nice talk together about life in general. Max received the eleven thousand dollars he was suppose to receive and George received the document to give to Finn. The document obtained a website and a password to hack the hospital main billing system. George eagerly rushed to the hospital to pick up Finn. Finn had been there for only four hours in which they treated him for a minor heart attack.
Three days later, a bill came in the mail for eighteen thousand dollars for Finn from the hospital.

“This is an outage” Finn explained to George

Finn received the document from George that he purchased from Max. Finn hacked into the hospitals system as he planned to do the whole tine. ‘Yes it was illegal, but when you have the money and know the right people, anything is possible’. Finn lowered his bill to two dollars and seventy – five cents in which he received in the mail two days later. Finn felt horrible that he cheated the hospital out of money, so he figured he would pay a partial amount.

‘One percent of the bill is completely better than not playing anything at all’ Finn reasoned in his head.

In the end, Max became richer, George became a hero and Finn cheated the hospital out of money. It was a great day for everyone, right?

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