wishing star

October 15, 2010
There was a gir who had a wish. This wish would help her wish.Every night the wish star came to pick up the wish mail wish would always miss the wish star.The second night came wish jumed up to catch wish star but missed. And this kept happening till wish gave up.

But then one night the little girl asked wish for some words. He gave her some words and she made a wish.she put the word together to froum her wish, gave it back to wish to give to wish star. Then the extrodinary happened wish finally wish had jump high enogh to place little girls wish on wish stars pile of wishes.

So wish star takes the wishes to his home plops the pile of wishes to the side of his desk and starts to read the wishes. Till he stumbles upon little girls wish. And say selfish wish, what a selfish wish!

Throws away the wish and tells little girl what a wish what a selfish wish ! And all the wish said was " I wish i was richer than all my friends!

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