October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

It almost sounded like a bomb. Everything was gone nothing was around me nothing i looked all around but still i say nothing i started to really panic everyone was gone i felt so alone. I thought to myself where is everyone what happend. I'm i the only oone left on this world? I had so many questions but nobody was around so i never got any answer. I look around all the builds are gone for miles well as far as i could see. Nothing was the same everything was different. I had no one to talk to no one i was so scared and i felt so alone i needed someone to talk to i was screaming at the top of my lungs is anyone there anyone. But i sat there in a daze i didn't hear anyone respond or try to so i just closed my eyes and i suddently felt somoe pitch me. I opending my eyes to find my mother looking me in the eyes asking me why i was yelling ad what was happening. I was confused then i finally noticed it was all a dream just a big scary dream everythig was fine i wasn't alone anymore it was just a dream i keep repeating in my head im fine everythings fine.

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