Korea's Conspiracy

October 15, 2010
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Korea’s Conspiracy
Emperor Joseon walked around his flower and lily pond garden. The day was sunny, fresh, and tranquil; he had suspected nothing corrupt. His young daughter trailed behind him picking up the pink blossom that had been floating next to all the green lilies. “Appa!” she called out to her father. “What is it, my beautiful rascal?” he teased her. His young daughter handed him the pink blossom saying, “For you.”

Suddenly, a general called out, “Your majesty!” urgently running towards him. The general bowed before his emperor and pleaded, “Emperor Joseon, you must come with me, someone has broken into the palace!” Joseon’s eyes widened and rage engulfed his body. He calmed himself for a moment and turned to his daughter. “I must go for now.” Smiling at her to assure safety he then said, “Gomapda,” thanking his young child for the pink flower. He ran quickly with the general to investigate the situation, but, unexpectedly, he felt a burst of weakness in his legs and fell forward. Face down on the floor, Joseon fainted. What seemed to be moments later to Joseon, he found himself tied to a chair unable to fully move any parts of his body.

“What is going on here?!” He demanded. The room was filled with empty space and sunlight. He was only talking to himself. Then, he saw a silhouette pass by and slide the door open. The general entered, bowed in respect, and exclaimed sorrowfully in their native tongue, “Mianhamnida.”

“General! What’s happening? Why am I tied up to a chair when there is a thief possibly in our palace?” Emperor Joseon’s head pains started to act up, and appeared once again. At that moment, a dozen soldiers piled into the room; and his daughter presented herself among them as the leader.
“Kim Seo- Hyun, what is the meaning of this?”
“Your reign is over, father.” She replied bluntly.
“Why are you acting like this? It is not a time for games.”
Emperor Joseon’s daughter took the pink blossom pinned to her hair out. She walked up to her confused, senile, day- dreamer of a father, and placed the blossom on his lap.
“For you.”

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