October 15, 2010
By Epic9 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Epic9 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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They all stand outside the sketchy shack prying away at the wooden boards that seal all the entrances. They claw away at the ones blocking off the windows, while others pound at the ancient wooden door. It’s a wonder how they still haven’t gotten it down yet. They stand outside the property. They infest every single inch of the premises. Who ever is inside is trembling in terror at the sound of an army of shady grunting rotting figures. They flail around viciously picking away at every insignificant crack and hope to gradually magnify its size until it allows them to penetrate the fortress. Inside, wishes of the ones outside to be quarantined in the inescapable confinement instead of them. Outside, all they know is whoever remained within was the last man standing. They knew it. They smelled it, they smelled the fear. They know the one inside would have a shotgun, they always do. It’s a matter of a small sacrifice for the better of their society. The only question left for them now is would the last one be found standing in a last courageous effort to survive, or had they taken the coward’s way out doing what they inevitably would have. Be it the noble way though, they are only momentarily stalling there certain brutal decimation. Yet the infected prefer it this way, for they still feel disappointment even if they are decaying alive, occasionally after going through the struggle of using what little functions they have left, just to get inside, and find their victim already dead. Inexplicably, once they had been infected they are overwhelmed by an undeniable urge to spread their disease amongst the suddenly realized enemy, the pure. Once you are contaminated your mind and body slowly revert back to primal instinct and all you know now is that you need to expand your new found family. You do not understand why but everything you do now, the way your body behaves and acts just comes as naturally as breathing. For the sake of your existence, as one of the infected you must seize the existence of the pure, but now not intelligent enough to realize that by depleting their quantities yours will soon follow. They stand outside the shack having made significant progress. They all know what they are looking for, they still have their instincts. They al have the same intentions, find the remainder at their most vulnerable moment and sink you teeth into the skull and devour brain matter. Perhaps pierce into the abdomen and swiftly shred all the way across so that it is ripped open for easy access to the intestines. Who ever lies within though must know this, the time has come, and after them, there is nothing left. The infection is coming, the flood of them finally break through the door and rush in.

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