Attack on Pearl Harbor

October 15, 2010
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There once was a rather large family named the Flinstones who lived in a fairly large house, with their most proud feature being, their perfectly crisp green lawn. Even those there has been a draught the past five years, they managed to keep it bright green. The Flinstones always wanted to avoid conflict and aided any other neighbors who need help. Across the street, lived their neighbors who liked to be outspoken and were considered different than any other family on the block. This family was called the Jetsons. The Jetsons couldn’t stand the Flinstone family because they seemed to not only have more friends then them, but they had better grass they had. One day, the Jetsons saw the Flinstones helping a new family move into their new house down the block. The Jetson household became furious that another neighbor had joined their side of the fight. So, the father of the Jetson household, Tom went to yell at the Flinstones dad, Fred. “Why would you take all the neighbors and bring them to your side?!” shrieked Tom. “Can’t we all just get along and be friends? I mean neither of us seems to be moving anytime soon” said Fred calmly, while watering his florescent lawn. “NO!” roared the now flabbergasted Tom as he marched back to his side of the street. “I don’t want any conflict now, Tom, but, if you throw a punch at me, you better believe I will throw one right back” bellowed Fred. Tom ignored this comment and stormed back into his house. “Conflict and a punch, is exactly what’s coming to you Fred” Tom whispered to himself. 3 AM the next morning, Tom rolled out of his bed and quietly walked outside onto Fred’s lawn. He then walked over to his sprinklers and stuck them with a scissors. Then Tom took a hammer to the system that connected their water to the outside. “In this draught, the Flinstone’s lawn will be a nice brown crisp” chuckled Tom to himself. Tom walked back to his house, and fell asleep finally at peace with his inner self. The next morning, Mr. Flinstone walked outside and gasped at the site of his new brown lawn. “WHAT?!” screamed Fred. He looked up from his lawn and saw Tom Flinstone smirking at him. “This means war!” shouted Fred. Fred went back into his house, ready for the fight.

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