Moon and Sky

October 15, 2010
Someplace cold surrounded by a dark atmosphere in shades of purple, blue, and black. Bright specs dot the sky. Quiet and peaceful throughout the night and the most beautiful thing always looking different each time. Just there glowing, pale white, bringing light to the dark sky making things right. The two are inseparable, always together. Never a day when they’re apart, the moon and sky. Living side by side in a perfect world of brilliant blues and purples. Nobody there to ruin things, just the two, happy. What they were doing the moon and sky seemed perfect. This place they lived in midair so high feeling so content with what they were doing, with what they believed. The sky noticed that something was off. The moon was quiet and distracted. Her glow was gone. When asked by the sky what was wrong she denied the pain and assured him everything was fine. The sky knew that wasn’t true but went with it. The moon continued to show these strange signs and kept telling him it was nothing but he knew her better than that. Days passed and tensions grew between the two. The moon seemed distant from the sky. She was three quarters of the way full. The sky saw no solution. He didn’t know what to do. They didn’t talk. He confronted her again. Asked for the truth but it was still unclear. They separated for three days which probably was a bad thing to do. By the end of the third day the moon began to speak. The sky found out that some stars that lived around them didn’t like what they were doing, that the sky wasn’t right. He was shocked. He went from spectacular shades of purple to pitch black. Suddenly everything he believed was gone. Everything he once felt was right turned to nothing. For the next week the sky was dark. Nothingness. He saw no light, he saw the end. The moon was full by now so bright and beautiful. He wished they could be the way they used to be more than anything. The next three days would change everything. They began to talk. He saw that what the stars thought didn’t matter because they were bigger than them and what they were doing was right. Everything he doubted was clear again. The sky had fallen for the moon again. He felt what he felt before. It was a new moon so amazingly beautiful. It was a new beginning, the sky could never be without the moon, it all made sense. The moon and sky were together again surrounded by an atmosphere of breath taking shades of purples and blues.

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