A Darkened Woods

October 1, 2010
By DeathsxxAngel BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
DeathsxxAngel BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Once upon a tulgy wood “Hoot, hoot” goes Mr. Owl. He sat atop the highest tree and watched the leaf covered floor. He saw the Mice come from the cover of a nearby tree. The Mice scurried, for they knew Mr. Owl was watching.
“Hoot, Hoot” Mr. Owl warned, “wander too far from my sight and surely the snakes will gobble you up.”
“Sir, to be fair, the snakes aren’t as terrifying as you are” the Mice yelled up to Mr. Owl.
“Hoot, Hoot” Mr. Owl sighed as the Mice began running faster.
Alone atop the highest tree, poor Mr. Owl was alone. And sad was he, the wise Owl. He watched among the trees for the ones below, but never was he thanked. He scared away the meanest of creatures, but never was there praise.
Poor Mr. Owl was saddened deep inside his heart. He felt like a bat had sucked all the life out of him with a single bite. His mind grew weak as he fell into the deepest darkest dream there ever was and ever will be.
So when Mr. Owl wasn’t awake to take care of the Mice below the canopy, the Snakes did eat them. All the animals below asked “Where is Mr. Owl?” The bravest of all the Sparrows decided to fly above to find out. Upon flying down tear drops came from the sky. The Sparrow wept “Hoot, hoot goes Mr. Owl no more!”

The author's comments:
I heard an Owl hooting outside my window.

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