Overcoming the Silence

October 1, 2010
By lizkay BRONZE, Fowler, Michigan
lizkay BRONZE, Fowler, Michigan
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Annabel, only 17, with marks all over her
Beautiful body, secrets kept because she loves him.
Calvin and Annabel have been together for a very long time, although she’s
Deeply afraid of him she knows that
Even though she wants too leave him, she
Fears he will kill her, and if she stays he still might end up killing her.
Giving thought to telling someone what he does, she’s
Incapable. She feels alone; SUICIDE comes to mind.
Just jump off the old bridge she replays in her head, over and over,
Knowing that she could never
Leave her family alone and that Calvin
Might just go hurting some other girl. She wakes up at
Noon Saturday and she goes to the
Police and tells her story, showing every bruise he left in only that short week.
Quickly they go to his house, but he
Resists getting arrested and
Shoots one of the officers. Another officer goes after Calvin and pulls out his
Taser then cuffs Calvin, and puts him in the car.
Unsure if what she did was right, Annabel has a
Very shocking smile.
When one of the police officers comes to talk to her he tells her she did the right thing; if she didn’t say anything, she would most likely be dead soon.
Extremely relieved, she knows she’s free and alive!
Zapping away every bad thing in her head that had to do with Calvin, Annabel starts her new life!

The author's comments:
this is my ABC story

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