October 6, 2010
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The Mouse
hidden away under the table, alone and quiet i sit still, waiting for food, any food. the family is talking, laughing,
their meal. i smell the buttery goodness of corn on the cob and the sweetness of lemonade, all the pleasant aromas
of a summertime
meal. i hear the crunch of the salad, a crisp, energetic noise, but what i really want is the cheese pizza, the goey, warm
deliciousness that i have grown to love. this is what i want, i think to myself. this is what i need. i long for cheese pizza.
lost in thought, i don't notice when a high heeled boot swings
at me in full
speed, grazing my fur just enough to hurt. i squeek.... i can't help it. then i hear a woman's unmistakeable high-pitched scream. i freeze in place.
the woman then pears under the table,
revealing my hiding spot. i am terrified. i'm too afraid to move. i hear my tiny heart beating ferociously, begging to leave my body.
i can barely
breathe due to sheer terror. i want to run, to get away, to escape. i know am in danger now, but ther is nothing i can do. the
woman yells to the man who must be her husband, a tall male with dark hair with exotic brown eyes and a thick mustache.
i sense they are also scared. but why? i am too small
to cause any damage to them, but there is no time to think about it. i gotta get away! i run for
my life. panting, and out of breath. i hide under the living room sofa, because it appears to be safe there. it is dark, under
there, and the dust makes my eyes itch and burn.
i feel lonely, as i long for my mother. i want to cry out, but am too afraid to do so. just then i hear footsteps. not big and
loud like a human, yet not small and quiet enough to be one of my fellow mice. i recognize this sound. it is a cat, the most feared animal of them all.
mice learn to fear cats from the time they are born. cats are vicious creatures with a single and deadly intent: to kill their prey and eat them, a bloody scene
no one wants to witness. the cat is moving closer now. it has found me. our eyes meet, and i see a murdurous look across its face. i back away, to the far corner up
against the wall.
the paw
comes at me, only millimeters away from my face, just narrowly
missing. i have to get away, so without thinking, i bolt out from under the sofa, and across the kitchen floor. i'm not fast enough. the
cat has me in its firm grasp. sharp claws digging into me, puncturing my fur in various places. i feel the warm, sticky
blood starting to ooze out onto the floor. this is how it ends. the cat sinks its teeth into my neck, slowly but torturously.oddly, i feel no pain, just a calm feeling of nothingness, as if i wasn't really there.i can't move.
i hear a sickening tear, as my head is swiftly torn away from my body. flash of
light. my mother. my father. i see them..... they're here with me now. i surrender and let the angels take me away.

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Atrissa This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 16, 2010 at 10:34 pm
wow this is really cool! i like how you put it from the mouses point of view. its really detailed and amazing. keep writign! :)
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