I wish i had you.

October 6, 2010
By emjay33 SILVER, Freeport, Maine
emjay33 SILVER, Freeport, Maine
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Note!: All grammatical errors made in the instant messaging portion of this story were made purposely. *__* or -__- were used to portray certain emotions or actions. Any emoticons used in face to face speech were used to portray facial expressions. (I.e :D = smiling hugely, etc.)

Open scene: At Bicford High school, students are in the main lobby talking with friends, waiting for the bell, signaling that first period will be starting soon. Scene opens on a single girl, lingering in the hallway, not apart of any group. Enters the boy she likes, who notices her and casually makes his way over.

Gabriel: Hey.
Tess: *shyly* Hey.
Gabriel: Whats up?
Tess: Nothing, really.
Gabriel: What class do you have first block?
Tess: Chemistry
Gabriel: With Ms. Snow or Mr. Williams?
Tess: Ms. Snow.
Gabriel: No way! Me too.
Tess: 8mumbled* I know.
Gabriel: Will you sit with me?
Tess: *astounded* You want me to sit with you?
Gabriel: *Confused* Yea. I mean, you don't have to…
Tess: Sure. I’ll sit with you.
Gabriel: *Obviously happy Tess said yes* Sweet! See you first block!
Tess: *Smiling* Yeah, you too.

Scene end.
Open scene: Tess walks into Ms, Snow’s chemistry class, and as soon as Gabriel sees her, he immediately calls her over, gesturing to the chair next to him, in which he had strategically placed his bag as a sign that it was a saved seat. Tess walks over and Gabriel removes his bag.

Gabriel: *enthusiastically* Hey Tess!
Tess: *uttering a small laugh at his enthusiasm* Hey.
Gabriel: You ready?
Tess: Ready for what?
Gabriel: The lab we have today.
Tess: Oh right. That. Yeah, I’m ready. You?
Gabriel: Totally. Umm… Do you have a lab partner yet?
Tess: Not yet.
Gabriel: Do you want to me my lab partner?
Tess: Are you serious?
Gabriel: *confused* Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?
Tess: Well, you’ve never really talked to me before, then you suddenly you notice me.
Gabriel: Tess, I’ve always noticed you.
Tess: Well you’ve got a funny way of showing it.
Gabriel: So I was shy. And it’s not like you were letting anyone in.
Tess: It’s not like anyone was trying to get in.
Gabriel: Fair enough.
Ms. Snow: Alright, class. Pair up and head to your lab stations!
Gabriel: You ready?
Tess: Yeah. Let’s go.

-Tess and Gabriel start the lab, talking and laughing and getting to know each other more. Tess finally got the chance to talk to Gabriel, who she has liked since freshman year. The bell rings, signaling the the end of first block and the start of the seven minute break between first and second block. As Tess starts to leave to get to her next class, Gabriel grabs her hand from behind, stalling her.-

Gabriel: Wait, Tess.
Tess: What?
Gabriel: I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out sometime.
Tess: Like… a date?
Gabriel: Yeah. Maybe we could go to the fair this weekend.
Tess: I’d love to.
Gabriel: Great! I’ll pick you up around four o’clock on Saturday?
Tess: Sounds perfect.
Gabriel: Sweet. I’ll see you this Saturday, then.
Tess: Yeah. I’ll see you then.

End scene.

-They go their separate ways, Tess to english, Gabriel to calculus. They go through the motions of their classes, both thinking of the other. We open scene on Gabriel and Phil. Gabriel is telling Phil all about Tess and their plans.-

Phil: Dude, I just bought Red Dead Redemption. Come over Saturday and play.
Gabriel: I can’t. At least not on Saturday.
Phil: Come on, man.
Gabriel: I can’t! I made plans.
Phil: What, you got some hot date?
Gabriel: Actually, I do.
Phil: With who?
Gabriel: With Tess.
Phil: Tess Green?
Gabriel: That’s the one.
Phil: But why her? Their are plenty of better girls.
Gabriel: Because I like her.
Phil: But she’s well… you know.
Gabriel: She’s what? Different?
Phil: Well, yeah. Basically.
Gabriel: Just because she’s different doesn’t mean s***.
Phil: It mean’s something to people like us.
Gabriel: People like us?
Phil: You know. Popular kids. The socially accepted kids. She’s a freak, a loser.
Gabriel: F*** off, man.
Phil: I was just being honest.
Gabriel: Well do me a favor. Don’t be.
Phil: Whatever, man.

End scene.

Open scene on Tess and Vanessa, Tess excitedly telling her all about Gabriel and their date.

Tess: Guess what happened this morning!
Vanessa: Uhh. you had Count Chocula cereal instead of Franken Berry?
Tess: Well, yes, but other than that!
Vanessa: I have no idea. What happened?
Tess: I got a date for Saturday night.
Vanessa: Really? That’s awesome! Who is he?
Tess: Gabriel Harris
Vanessa: Gabriel Harris? As in the Gabriel you’ve been crushing on since 9th grade?
Tess: That’s the one.
Vanessa: How’d that happen?
Tess: He started talking to me this morning, then asked me to sit with him in chemistry and be lab partners, then he asked me to the fair on Saturday.
Vanessa: That’s awesome!
Tess: It is. I’m just worried that it’s a hoax.
Vanessa: Do you think it is?
Tess: Not really. But it’s a possibility.
Vanessa: Well, I can always go to the fair, too. If things go bad, I’ll bring you home.
Tess: Really?
Vanessa: Well yeah. I’m not gonna leave you hanging.
Tess: You’re awesome.
Vanessa: haha not really.
Tess: Umm yeah really.
Vanessa: Fine. Really. Wait, what are you gonna wear?
Tess: Crap! I forgot all about that!
Vanessa: Don’t worry about it. I have the perfect outfit.
Tess: Okay. He isn’t picking me up until 4:00, so can I come over at 2:00?
Vanessa: Two hours to get ready?
Tess: No. And hour and forty five minutes to get ready, and 15 minutes to get back to my house.
Vanessa: Hmm. Makes sense.
Tess: I know, right?
Vanessa: So you gonna sit with him at lunch?
Tess: I don’t know. Maybe.
Vanessa: Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Tess: Guess so.

End scene.
-Open scene on the Bicford High students in the cafeteria for lunch. Gabriel is already there, sitting alone, searching the crowd. As soon as he sees Tess and Vanessa enter the cafeteria, he waves them over.-

Vanessa: I think you’re sitting with him.
Tess: You think?
Vanessa: Uh. Yeah.
Tess: Should I go?
Vanessa: Well yeah. Call me later and tell me how it goes.
Tess: You’re not coming with me?
Vanessa: No.
Tess: Fine. Talk to you later.
Vanessa: *walking off* You better.
-Tess gets into the lunch line, gets her food, then makes her way over to Gabriel-

Gabriel: Hey.
Tess: Hey.
Gabriel: What’s up?
Tess: Lasagna. You?
Gabriel: Pazzo bread.
Tess: Nice.
Gabriel: It is.
Tess: So, why the sudden interest, if you don’t mind me asking?
Gabriel: It’s not sudden. Like I said before. I was shy.
Tess: So shy you couldn’t even say hi?
Gabriel: Pretty much, yeah.
Tess: What made you say hi today?
Gabriel: Do you want the honest truth?
Tess: Well yeah.
Gabriel: The honest truth is I don’t know.
Tess: What do you mean, you don’t know?
Gabriel: Just what I said. I just saw you, and before I knew what was happening, I was walking over to you, and saying hi. Then in Chemistry, it just kind of happened.
Tess: Oh…

-Gabriel changes the subject, and they move onto less awkward topics, talking and laughing, much like they did in chemistry. The bell rings, letting the students know that lunch is over and that they should be heading to their 3rd period class. They go to creative writing, the only other class they have together. They sit next to each other, each unknowingly writing a story about the other. Tess looks up to see Gabriel quickly turn his head. She immediately logs onto meebo and starts talking animatedly to Vanessa all the lunch conversation.-

escapethefate42- hey, v
blackveilbride33- hey tess. whats up?
escapethefate42- nm cw with gabriel <3 wbu?
blackveilbride33- ug. english with ms. brandy.
escapethefate42- D: That sucks. ;o im sorry.
blackveilbride33- dont be. tell me all about lunch.
escapethefate42- there isnt much to tell. we sat, had an awkward convo for like, .5 then changed the subject ;o
blackveilbride33- awkward convo meaning…?
escapethefate42- asking why he randomly started talking to me now.
blackveilbride33- ohhh. gotcha.
escapethefate42- yuh v_v kinda sucked.
blackveilbride33- at least you still got to talk to him. how’s cw going?
escapethefate42- great ;D he keeps like, staring over at me. kinda romantic, in a way
blackveilbride33- aws ;D thats kinda adorable
escapethefate42- ikr?
blackveilbride33- <3
escapethefate42- <3 <3
blackveilbride33- writing anything good?
escapethefate42- not exactly good, at least I dont think so.
blackveilbride33- lemme guess. tis about gabriel?
escapethefate42- yes… is that a bad thing? D:
blackveilbride33- not at all. ;D its cute.
escapethefate42- haha thanx <3

-blackveilbride33 has logged off-
-Tess, thinking to herself, ‘why’d she do that?’

-dinging noise indicating tess has an update-

xxblessthefallxx would like to add you as a buddy. Accept/decline.

-She clicks accept, wondering who it is, planning on finding out.-

xxblessthefallxx- Hey
escapethefate42- Hey. Uhhh who is this, exactly?
xxblessthefallxx- Guess ;D
escapethefate42- uhh. Gabriel?
xxblessthefallxx- Correct. :P lol
escapethefate42- lol. how’d you get my screen name?
xxblessthefallxx- guesss ;o
escapethefate42- Vanessa?
xxblessthefallxx- 2 for 2 (:
escapethefate42- that would be why she logged off ;o
xxblessthefallxx- ?
escapethefate42- haha nvm :P whats up?
xxblessthefallxx- writing a story. u?
escapethefate42- samee ;o
xxblessthefallxx- whats urs about?
escapethefate42- uhhh. nothing… wbu?
xxblessthefallxx- you.
escapethefate42- what about me?
xxblessthefallxx- stuff (: wanna read it?
escapethefate42- seriously?
xxblessthefallxx- yes.
escapethefate42- sure. I’ll read it.
xxblessthefallxx- aight. here is it.
She sits in her classroom, staring attentively at the teacher, her mind obviously on other things. She looks around at all the other kids. They’re talking, laughing, having a good time. She feels invisible, she feels as if no one sees her. Little does she know I see her. Little does she know I’ve always seen her. When she goes up to give a report, and finishes it, I clap silently and think to myself ‘that is the girl I want. That is the girl I have to have. She has stolen my heart, and I think she needs to fill out custody papers for it.‘ that girl is the reason I wake up every morning, the reason I come to school. Just to see her face. maybe some day I will be able to get up and talk to her. But then again, maybe not. What could a girl like that see or want in a guy like me?
escapethefate42- you wrote that?
xxblessthefallxx- yeah :I Do you like it?
escapethefate42- I love it. (:
xxblessthefallxx- really? (:
escapethefate42- really really. <3
xxblessthefallxx- (: Now will you tell em what you wrote about?
escapethefate42- I wrote about you ;o
xxblessthefallxx- can I read it?
escapethefate42- are you sure you want to?
xxblessthefallxx- yes.
escapethefate42- alright. you asked for itt ;o
He walks through the halls, liked by many, envied by others. He doesn’t know how I feel, but oh god, I sure do. He glances my way, my face goes red, and I quickly turn away. He didn’t notice, thank god. since freshman year, he has been the one that I have talked about, the one guy that I never stop thinking about. and today, he asked me out on a date. It took so much for me not to just hug him, or just break down and cry, I was so happy. And I don’t even think he notices. I see him glance over at me in one of our classes, and quickly open up photo booth to double check myself and make sure nothing is wrong. I tell my friend about him looking. I tell her I find it kinda romantic, she says it sounds adorable. I think she is rooting for me. She knows how much he means to me. Even if we aren’t together, as much as I want to be, I don’t think I will ever stop loving him. and I can say that because it is true. I love this kid. And he doesn’t even know it.
xxblessthefallxx- …
escapethefate42- im sorry >.< I shouldn’t have sent that to you I should have said no.
xxblessthefallxx- im glad you did send it. it makes what im about to do a lot easier.

-tess feels someone looking at her, so she glances up to find Gabriel looking at her expectantly.-

Tess: Uhhh. Hi.
Gabriel: Tess…
Tess: Yeah?
Gabriel: I think I love you.

Possible ending?
Tess: I think I love you too.
Gabriel: -grabs her hand-
Tess: -smiles and blushes. A lot.-
Gabriel: I think this is the beginning of something pretty amazing.
Tess: I think I agree with you 100%

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