Turn of a Leaf

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

It was the turn of September and a young boy and his sister were walking down a trail. “What’s that?” said the boy pointing up to a dozen red leaves on an oak tree. “That’s the kiss of time, making the tree blush. Soon they will fall, in love.” said his older sister. ”Why are the other tree’s all still green?” He then asked suddenly. ”Because today no one understands the beauty of things when nature takes it’s toll. They do not understand that the flawed colors that will define them as different, are their most beautiful trait.” She replied, continuing on her walk as though none of the trees heard her.

The author's comments:
If only today we were less like the tree’s and realized beauty is more then flawless skin, perfect hair and white teeth. Our imperfections all combine to make perfect beauty. Embrace your flaws my beautiful Oak trees.

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