September 30, 2010
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“Stop, who goes there?” said the guard at the edifice. There was no answer. Moments later a gun shot was fired. The guards ran to the tower. There was the queen, Alias, lying on her bed in a puddle of her blood. The guards thought that she had been killed because of the noise they heard outside moments before her death. The news of the queen’s death was heard all around the world. The king’s enemy Mortar was happiest about the news.
Meanwhile, in the town of Jamestown (named after the kings father and then the king and the kings son), a boy was getting sent off to another land. He had stolen from the queen. Everyone thought he killed her. As he was walking on the ship a young beautiful girl ran down the hill. She demanded he talk to the king because she knew that he was innocent. The boy was taken up to the king.

“Why did you kill my wife, what did she do to you?” asked the king in anger. “What is your name?” preceded the king. “My name is Daniel, I did not kill her” Daniel yelled. “You have to prove that you did not kill my wife, you can stay if you prove that you are innocent, if not then you can no longer live here in Jamestown.”
Daniel left the castle on a mission to prove he is innocent. Daniel went up to the beautiful young girl. “Ummmm….hi.” blushed Daniel. “Hi” she said with courage. “My name is Daniel, what is yours?” he asked. “My name is Dawn.” “Would you like to come with me to figure out who killed Queen Alias?” asked Daniel. “Sure, I would love to come with you.” said Dawn.
Daniel and Dawn walked to the boat dock and loaded onto the ship. They traveled for 2 weeks. The 15th day they shipwrecked. Daniel and Dawn woke up on an island. “Daniel watch out behind you!” Dawn yelled. Right as Daniel turned around he was hit on the head. Then Dawn felt pressure on the back of her head and was unconscious.
Dawn was left on the beach where they shipwrecked. She had been there for days. A young boy named John found her and took her to Mystropia. Dawn woke up inside a barn; lying on hay. She looked around there was no one there. She got up and fell straight to the ground. She was very weak from not having food or water for days. John heard a loud bang when she fell to the ground. He came running inside to see what was wrong. He saw her lying in a different spot so he assumed she tried to get up and couldn’t walk. He walked out of the barn and brought back some food and water for her. He woke her up and forced her to eat. She woke up and saw him standing in front of her. “Who are you?” she asked. “My name is John, I found you on the beach. What happened to you?” John asked. “Don’t act like you don’t know. You hit me on my head.” Dawn yelled. “I didn’t, now eat up.” He demanded. “Why you could have poisoned it or something.” said Dawn. She began to eat. It was not poisoned like she had thought.

Daniel awoke in a huge edifice. There was fancy stuff everywhere. A huge man walked in and demanded that he follow him. Daniel walked behind the huge man following him into the king’s quarters. “Welcome, young boy.” said the king. “Where am I, where is my friend, why did you hit me on the head.” asked Daniel. “This town is called Aistropia. Your friend will be safe.” said the king. “You didn’t answer my last question, why did you hit me on the head” said Daniel. “Young boy you will know soon enough” said the king. “I will let you see your friend on one condition, you have to sign the contract to join our army, and kill at least ten people before you see her again. Agreed?” the king asked. “Fine, but you hurt her I swear I will kill you all.” yelled Daniel. There was a young boy Daniel’s age standing near the door beside an older man. “My name is Master Chief Andy, and this is James.” said the older man. “James will be training you, you are not to leave his side.” said Master chief Andy.

Dawn had been at the barn for at least 2 weeks and she didn’t realize how fast she was falling for John. They would always work on the field together, he would always teacher her how to use medicine and how to heal people right before they die. One day he was showing her how to use the medicine and their hands touched. Dawn blushed and looked away. “It is almost time John.” said the lady in charge. “Time for what?” asked Dawn. “Time for the war.” said John. “We have to fight in the war?” asked Dawn. “No, we have to go and heal the wounded soldiers.” said John

James and Daniel got to the training sight and Daniel took the gun from James hands and shot all the targets perfectly. They left right after that. James told Andy that he was born to kill. It was the day before the war. Daniel signed the army contract and was instantly the enemy. Daniel was the best they had in years.

Meanwhile, Dawn and John were getting ready for the war. Dawn asked what had happened to her at the beach. John told her that he found her there and she was alone. They got ready for bed and Dawn began to think of Daniel. She missed him.

Dawn began to fall asleep. She saw Daniel smiling at her and they spent a whole day at the beautiful waterfall. They went swimming in the warm water. They would play around and Daniel would hold Dawn and they would kiss. “Dawn, wake up.” yelled John. “What, John?” asked Dawn. “You were trying to kill me.” He cried. “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry I didn’t know.” Worried Dawn. “It’s ok. What were you dreaming about to make you want to kill me?” asked John. “Nothing, I was dreaming about Daniel.”

Daniel had a dream he was starting a family. His wife was beautiful. She looked just like Dawn. He had two kids. The boy had blond hair and blue eyes. His daughter had brown hair and blue eyes. They were beautiful. His dream ended sooner than it began. James had to wake him up for the first the war. It was finally time for the war to begin. Neither Dawn nor Daniel knew that this was going to affect them both.

It was morning the sun kissed the top of the mountains. The fog had just hit the ground. The birds and other creatures just awoke. The crickets immediately started their noise. The war was to begin soon. The bridge that separated Aistopia from Mystropia.
Daniel and 50,000 other soldiers were getting ready to march to the bridge where the war was to end. He got on his armor. He got his gun. He got on his noble stead. Daniel got to the bridge and began to see the light of the Others.
Dawn was standing behind her fellow friends that she had been with for a very long time now. She was waiting for people to get hurt so that she could heal them. Her army consisted of 55,000 soldiers. The soldiers were the peasants and the poor and the Others were rich, and royal.
Daniel started to get anxious. The more he killed the longer he would get to see Dawn. But he had no idea that she was the one he was fighting. The fight began and Daniel killed anyone in his path. The best killer in his day.

John had to fight in the war instead of help heal the wounded. Dawn was very worried about him. She was afraid he was going to die. When she looked at him he was killing like no other. He had shot and stabbed a lot of men. The others were both winning.
The war continued until dark. The war was coming to an end. Everyone left and retreated. Dawn went to find all the wounded. She had healed 20 people. “Dawn! Let’s go!” yelled John. Dawn started to run. When all of a sudden she heard something or someone calling her name that did not sound like a voice she heard before. “Dawn? Dawn? Where are you Dawn?” She ran to the voice. Laying there was Daniel wounded, dying right in front of her. “John. Help me.” Dawn yelled. John came over to her. He looked down and he saw one of the Others. “Dawn, why are you helping him?” asked John. “It’s Daniel, I will not leave him. Now help me before he dies.” cried Dawn. John and Dawn carried Daniel to the carriage. Took him to the barn where they were staying.

Dawn took the clothes that Daniel had on and burned them. No one could know that she was helping one of the Others. Daniel was asleep when Dawn cut his wound open to take the bullet out and pour medicine inside it. Dawn sat and watched him. John watched Dawn. While Daniel was resting they would talk. John told Dawn how he felt about her. She told him that she felt the same way. They went to John’s part of the barn and started to kiss. Their lips touched and shocked them both. His hand felt like silk touching her back pulling her towards him. Her hands felt like ice taking of his pants.
When Daniel woke up he was feeling great no pain at all. Dawn and John were working out in the field mixing herbs to make medicine. Daniel walked out of the barn ran to Dawn and hugged her and yelled “I missed you so much Dawn. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we were separated.” “Don’t you know how we were separated?” asked Dawn. “No.” said Daniel.

“First of all the people you are trusting with your life are the ones who hit us on the heads at the beach. They separate us. Why do you think you couldn’t see me? Well they wouldn’t let you or they would kill me. They are known as the Others.” said Dawn. “Impossible. They trained me to fight. They told me you were safe they never told me what happened on the beach but they would never do that to me. I don’t believe you Dawn why would you lie to me. I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” said Daniel. “Then why didn’t you come find me? Were you listening to their orders?” asked Dawn. “You know what I will just go back to them then. Thank you for your help goodbye Dawn.” said Daniel. He stormed off and left for the Others. Daniel got back to the castle and when he arrived he heard the Master Chief talking about killing him and Dawn. Daniel ran out of the castle and before he could leave they ordered some of the soldiers to go and kidnap Dawn. Daniel raced back to the barn. When he got there Dawn was gone.

James arrived to the barn where Daniel was. He told Daniel that the Master Chief was planning on really hurting Dawn to get you back. “Will you come with me, both of you?” asked Daniel. “Yes.” They both replied. John and James were enemies that learned to work together and get pass their differences.
Once they all got back to the castle. James walked in to find where they were and led John and Daniel into the castle without being caught. Master Chief had Dawn on a table tied up. She had no eaten in days. Daniel was about to black out and kill Master Chief Andy. “Daniel I know you are here. I will kill her if you don’t come out and face me. Fight me then if you win she will be set free.” yelled Master Chief. He took Dawn off the table tied her hands behind her back. He had a huge bucket of water and he dunked her head in until Daniel said something. Daniel ran down there as fast as he could with a gun in his hand. Andy pulled Dawns head out of the bucket and she started to throw up. Then Daniel shot Andy in the arm and leg. Then they ran.

Daniel carried Dawn all the way back to the barn. James and John helped take care of her. John had found a ship and all of them got on the ship and left. They were on the ship for at least 5 months. Dawn started to gain weight. She would throw up a lot. Daniel knew right then that she was pregnant. He didn’t tell John though. He thought that Dawn should tell him when she is ready.
The sixth month on the ship Daniel decided to talk to Dawn about it. Daniel told her how he felt about her. He also told her that she needed to tell John about the child. Dawn started crying because she loved John and she didn’t want to tell him. The next day Dawn told John that she loved him and that she was pregnant. John got mad at her for not telling him sooner. They talked it out and he would harvest to help the child. A week later they arrived back at Jamestown. They went to the king and John and Dawn asked if they could sell the ship to him for some land. He agreed. But he was more than appealed when he knew that James and Daniel were together.

Daniel and James were called into the king’s presence. He told them that they were brothers that were separated at birth and that he was their father. They were astonished. The king also told them that they were both head Master Chiefs. They could not believe it. They were now in charge of the war around them. They both went into other towns and cities and fought front line in the war.
Three months went by and Dawn had her little girl. Her name was Claire. She looked just like John. She was three years old before the war was over. At the end of the war Daniel had died stabbed in the heart while sleeping. James had married a beautiful woman named Elizabeth. King James had passed away. James and Elizabeth ruled the city of Jamestown.
When Claire was a teenager she decided she was going to go back in the town where she was made. She took a ship and went back to Mystropia. There she met a boy named Daniel and lived happily ever after. Dawn and John Thomas were killed in there sleep. No one ever knew who killed them.

The enemy Mortar was still out there somewhere. Claire and Daniel were the only to of the Others left in the world. Claire figured out her past at age 29. She was now queen of Mystropia. She killed James and Elizabeth’s daughter at war. She had ruled the world. Her mother taught her everything she needed to know to kill someone. Her mother Dawn killed the Queen Alias.

The End

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