September 29, 2010
Why can't we all be a lighthouse? Sitting on top of a cliff over the dark ocean. A lighthouse that shines bright in those long and terrible nights. If we were a lighthouse we could shine our guiding light out over the seas to lead the lost sailors home. But the sailors can't always see our bright light! Though we are bright, there are so few of us compared to the dark depths of the unforgiving seas. The terrible storms crash into their ships, claiming many. The ocean, how deceiving it is! Beautiful and enchanting, TEMPTING the poor sailors and their vessels out into its blue waters. With promises of adventure and riches! But, what a horrifying trick. The sailors sail their ships into the great blue waters only to be caught in the storms. Sometimes they might be saved. they sometimes last just long enough to glimpse a small light. A small flicker of light through the roaring mountainous waves, they crash, and drown the poor sailors. The sky, dark with thick ominous clouds. But that light! It's seen, and hope flickers to life in some sailors heart. He sails for hours, which can turn into days, months and sometimes years! But they press on. The light gets bigger! They see the light! It is bright and seems to spread some kind of warmth. But the sailor is afraid. He can tell that the last big storm is coming, the biggest he has ever seen or faced. Lightning and thunder growl at him as he nears the light and the sea starts to whisper of all the treasures that have yet to be found if he wold just turn back. he keeps going, the ocean turns dark with clouds and the war has begun. On and on he sails, almost giving up hope. Until he sees where the light came from. A tall cliff, high above the seas. the waves crash against the tall rocks trying to pull the cliff down into its depths. The rain crashes into it, trying to slowly slid it down the cliff side, but it stands tall. A light house, white and plain. But the light! Welcoming, in its own way shining its light through the darkness, determined. it stood tal not moving or swaying an inch. Just standing tall doing what it had been created to do. Bring home the poor lost sailors that have wandered away. And thats the last thing the sailor saw before he sailedd to dock his ship at port, away from the deciving ocean depths...'I'm home! And now I may see my father, and become a lighthouse to save my brothers, to bring they home as well.'

Dear Lord,
May our lights shine brightly for you so that others may see it and come home,
away from the ocean depths! Amen.
Your daughter
A newly saved sailor

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